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Bird flu is spreading in Canada and the United States. “Never seen it spread so fast”

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There Govt infection is not yet cured. The world is struggling Acute pediatric hepatitis of unknown origin. If that’s not enough, the new (old) alarm is coming from North America: different Outbreaks of bird flu. “With a The spread speed has never been seen before“, Experts say.


They have been reported in Canada and the United States Multiple outbreaks with bird flu (H5N1)With Highly Infectious Virus (HPAIv) Can change together Global concern.

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Underline it a In-depth study published in the journal ScienceIn which scientistsUniversity of Sydney and University of Melbourne Discuss the possible factors that led to the H5N1 HPAIv outbreaks and possible emergency mitigation strategies. Michelle Ville of the University of Sydney and Ian Barr of the University of MelbourneInvestigate the possible effects associated with the spread of bird flu.

Unprecedented spread

The wave of bird diseases is unprecedented for rapid spread – The authors write – The Dangerous frequency in poultry and wild birds is a threat to humans“.

Serious agricultural risk

Since 2020, more and more infected bird flu viruses have spread around the world. Although these agents tend to emerge in intensive agricultural production methods, They can also affect migratory and wild species. The virus is dangerous to bird people, the authors explain, and has already caused a number of fatalities in the wild population, especially dangerous specimens already considered dangerous. Between 2020 and 2021, experts report, they are estimated 15 million chickens died or were killed due to HPAIV infection.

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Dangers to humans

The virus can also infect humansAnd, though in the last two decades Leakage events are very rare, This condition can develop into a threat to global health. “We recommend that international organizations for health and agriculture, especially Ville and Bar – examine the dynamics, causes and causes behind bird flu outbreaks – to avoid epidemics,” he said. Circumstances characterized by human existence. Continued investments are needed in the monitoring and monitoring of wildlife “.” If the virus is constantly modified – scientists decide – it will increase. Affects transmission ability and humans easily. That is why it is important to constantly monitor the animals and their health. “

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