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Bills, beware the fine of 600 euros: who risks

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The Dear Bills. Many Italians may soon find themselves in the dark about their electricity bills. This is a very severe penalty that could cost taxpayers thousands, which could amount to more 600 EUR Which may be linked to two years in prison.

Those who do not pay canon opinion, which during the Renzi government was included in the electric bill, in order to avoid the evasion of this tax, which our country has never liked.

How much is a TV license and how much money does it go to?

Only in 2020 it will be collected thanks to the tax 1.7 billions from the euro. However, not everyone went to rai. subordinate 90 euro That every family unit pays the state for owning a TV, in fact, only 75.4 Dedicated to the company.

Payment is made through the Revenue Agency, which deducts resources that feed the Palazzo Chigi Publishing Fund and the Department of Economic Development’s Local Antennas Fund.

Categories that are entitled to exemption from opinion fees

The tax costs each family €90 per year with 10 payments 9 euros Each is automatically included in the invoice. However, there are categories that are not required to make this batch, as it explains Here is our guide to exempting opinion licensing fees.

  • People who have more than 65 years with income less than 8 thousand euros.
  • Diplomats and military foreigners.
  • Citizens who own a residential electricity user They don’t have a TV.

What you risk by not paying the Rai license fee: fine and imprisonment

After necessary investigations by the Guardia di Finanza, taxpayers who have not paid the fee, possibly because they have not paid the bill, may be subject to penalties of up to 6 times tax amount.

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Thus, arriving at the payment 540 euro, In addition to arrears and any Interests. A huge amount compared to 9 euros per month. There is also the risk of filing a complaint.

For example, a person who obtained the exemption without having the right to do so may be exposed to the crime of false thought by signing a document containing incorrect information. Penalty can be up to Two years From the jail. Here are all the risks of not paying the opinion licensing fee.

TV fee may soon be extended to other devices as well. We talked to you Here from Rai drawings for smartphones and tablets.

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