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Big Brain Academy: Brains Challenge, Review

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Big Brain Academy: Challenge of minds review talks about a new game for Nintendo Switch thanks to which you can train your brain, even in multiplayer

Nintendo DS, despite its difficult prototype, served as a breakout console, and perhaps also for this reason, it was very successful. It’s true that everyone looks at the Wii when they think of the birth of the new Nintendo, but with the dual-screen console the Big N is beginning to experiment with a new way of designing video games. And on top of all this is where I realize that fans’ dollars are worth the same amount as the hardest players. They just need to be attracted in a different way.

Hence series such as Nintendogs (23 million copies sold!), Professor Layton and above all Brain Training were born. This multi-million dollar franchise has attempted to translate into video games some of the theories of Dr. Ryota Kawashima, the eminent “brain scientist”. Thanks to some clever exercises, Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? I promised to get some cobwebs out of our numbed minds from computers, calculators, and smartphones to make them brighter. Needless to say, it was a smash hit that broke the boundaries of the video game world and reached the ears of moms, grandparents, and even other masters.

But there was a catch: Dr. Kawashima also had an academic career to follow and could not only develop video games. How, then, ride the wave of success? It is clear to create a game that adopts the same principles of brain training, and is able to entertain even without the famous star stamp. Among the many more or less successful versions, Nintendo has also tried to exploit this trend Big Brain Academy.

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Developed by Nintendo EAD In 2005, after just a few months of brain training, and capable of selling over 6 million copies, the series remained in the Nintendo drawer for 14 years, after Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree sold over 2 million copies on the Wii.

How will it cost on the Nintendo Switch? Discover in Big Brain Academy Review: Brains Challenge.

train your brain

A score will be awarded at the end of each Big Brain: Minds Challenge Academy

You don’t have to be old bitches like us to have a more modern standard of Nintendo DS classics: Nintendo Switch users have already been able to dust their clamps off with Dr.

In short, it is a series of mini games (We counted 20, but others can be added through updates or hiding in the folds of the game) Divided into 5 large groups: intuition, memory, analysis, algebra and cognition. As easy to understand from the name, each of these groups aims to improve a specific aspect of the mind, in order to reboot it and regain lost brilliance.

Big Brain Academy - Nintendo Switch
Amazon Offerta

Amazon Offerta

Big Brain Academy – Nintendo Switch

Compared to brain training in this case, we encounter a more playful structure, both in presentation and in the choice of activities. The whole game, in fact, is made of a very colorful game Doodles, embellished with expressive animal-style verses. This makes Big Brain Academy: Brain Challenge even more appealing to youngsters especially.

The challenges facing other players in Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds are the most fun
The challenges facing other players in Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds are the most fun

In addition to colors and “doodles”, the exercises are often very graphic, something that allows even the youngest to play without significant restrictions. Possibility Choose the difficulty level, as well as between digital and touch controls, the door also opens to an unlimited number of contenders, who may find themselves around the console or in front of the TV to see who has the best mind.

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Horror show is not synonymous with simplicity: It is true that you have to find caged birds, count animals, or add flowers and balloons, but the process required is not always immediate. In Crazy Binari, for example, you have to complete a train track by choosing the missing “pieces”. Everything is very simple, except that at higher difficulty levels the paths are not only more complex, the chessboard will be proposed from different angles or the path will be built starting from the bottom. In Cubolandia you have to count the blocks displayed on the screen: from 1 to 10 they are all capable, but when there are more than 30 it will not be easy to guess the correct number in a few milliseconds.


Big Brain Academy: Minds Challenge also has an online multiplayer mode
Big Brain Academy: Minds Challenge also has an online multiplayer mode

The heart of Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds becomes the party game experience. Featured exercises, as fun as they are, may not hold appeal for long. It’s OK to unlock clothes and accessories to beautify your avatar, increasingly challenging exercises, and it’s OK to challenge minds online to the sound of a performance, but after a while the exercises will start repeating themselves a bit.

Different, however, is Multiplayer challenge. Thanks to the ability to customize the level of challenge before each mini-game, it will be very easy to find the right balance between the participants. Grandma is a sudoku dragon, but has his grandson started to count? One would be a beginner, while the other would set an elite level. Are kids professional gamers, when the last video game dad took over was pong? The parent uses the console’s touch controls, while the young ones use the Joy-Con. With a few tricks, the challenges will always be balanced and thus fun to the end.

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The fact that you practice your arithmetic skills, lateral thinking, and memory are also bonuses that can motivate you. The most strict parents Or you’re not used to video games making an exception to the rule.


The style of Big Brain: Challenge of Minds Academy is very well known
The style of Big Brain: Challenge of Minds Academy is very well known

Like we said, no one will buy Big Brain: Challenge of Minds Academy for its tech sector. This does not mean that the game is not Very clear and practical. Too nice to look at, for this type of game it’s important to be able not to put obstacles in front of the player: it has to be readable in every situation, without too many colors or decorations, especially when 4 players share the same screen. In this product Nintendo does very well and always guarantees a fair challenge, even for the youngest.


tested version Nintendo Switch

Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds is a game that knows exactly what you’re aiming for. It does so at a budget price, with simple but fun graphics and a selection of well-made games. One player might find it limiting, but it’s perfect for quick team challenges, thanks to its easy readability, difficulty customization, and hit-and-run approach. And the fact that it helps brighten the mind is, as always, a welcome bonus.


  • Difficulty customizing
  • Instant to understand and play
  • train your brain
  • budget price


  • A few small games
  • Alone it has limited palatability

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