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Biden: January 6 was an attack on democracy and the will of the people

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Commemorating the assault on Capitol Hill on January 6 last year. “We cannot afford” to “become a country that accepts political violence as a rule”: this is the central point of US President Joe Biden’s speech on the one-year anniversary of the war.theft, according to press releases. Biden, who will call on Americans to “recognize the truth and not live” in the shadows of lies, asked, “Will we be a country where party election officials are allowed to legally overturn the will of the people?”

“Today, a year ago, democracy was attacked. The will of the people was attacked. Our constitution faced the gravest threats,” he wrote on Twitter. Biden announces he’s on his way to the Capitol “To talk about the day of the uprising, about the state of American democracy and where we are going from here.”

“January 6 was an armed rebellion, and Donald Trump – as the US President said, speaking from Congress – tried to overturn a free election, to subvert the Constitution, to stop the peaceful transfer of power through a group of thugs, the whole world witnessed. With our own eyes, this did not happen even during the Civil War. In this holy place democracy was attacked, a brutal attack, but the people resisted, and democracy held out.” “The truth is that a former president created a web of lies about the 2020 election” and “put his interests above those of the country,” Joe Biden said, referring to Donald Trump, in his address marking the first anniversary of the attack, referring to Donald Trump. In the Capitol Building.

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“We are at a defining moment in history in America and in the world, there is a challenge between democracy and authoritarianism, look at China and Russia. They say democracy is too slow to solve today’s problems and they bet that America will become like them,” Biden added.

The US Vice President said that “the 6th of January was an assault on democracy” as the attackers tried “to destroy not only the building and lives of parliamentarians but the values, ideas and institutions that generations of Americans invaded and defended with blood.” And Kamala Harris, who preceded Joe Biden in the ceremony at the Capitol and recalled his experience in those hours. Vice President Harris called on Americans to “unite in defense of democracy.”

Joe Biden’s speech to Congress “merely political theater to distract Americans from his failure,” he has This was stated by the former US President Donald Trump.

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