September 27, 2023

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Moscow, found dead in the house of Vladislav Avaev: a former Kremlin official and deputy head of Gazprombank

Moscow, found dead in the house of Vladislav Avaev: a former Kremlin official and deputy head of Gazprombank

Vladislav Avaev, A former Kremlin adviser and former vice president of Gazprombank was found dead in his apartment on the 14th floor of a luxury apartment building in flieswith the gun in hand Next to the bodies of his pregnant wife and 13-year-old daughter. But what appears to be a case of murder and suicide actually has some unclear features and all the leads are still open. Gazprombank is one of the main channels of Russian oil and gas payments, and is currently in the spotlight of the world: the 51-year-old officially left it, although, according to many, he maintained some relations. Afyaev was a millionaire from his own construction business, and was also the deputy head of a key administrative department in the Putin Kremlin.

The corpses of Avaev, Dila yelania’s wife and the little one Marya She was found by the 26-year-old eldest daughter, Anastasia, upset that he could not communicate with his family: all three had gunshot wounds, shots from one of the guns (he had at least 13 in the apartment) owned by Avayev himself. And there are those who benefited from among the testimonies of neighbors daily MailHe puts forward the hypothesis that the case may be linked to a financial crisis after the tightening of Western sanctions: “It may have been overshadowed by debt. “Everyone is frustrated, and some are ready to take extreme measures,” said Amarat, speaking frankly about the difficult economic situation the country is facing. But even the path of jealousy is not excluded from the rumors that talk about a possible relationship of the wife with the driver of the banker, who was fired long ago. From the words of another neighbor who suspects a possible murder appears: “She had no reason to do this. He was rich and smart. It is not possible to kill such a man. Perhaps he killed Afaev and his family. “

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