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Ukraine – Russia, today’s news live

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Kiev, Russia attacks railways to prevent military supplies

Russia has He intensified his attacks To the Ukrainian railway network for “Shell” military suppliesEspecially due to western equipment New attackA senior Ukrainian security official told AFP on Friday. Rail infrastructure in particular vital To Ukraine, whether for passenger transport, commercial transport or for the army, because since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022, there are all Civil air traffic is paralyzed. A high-ranking source in the Ukrainian security service said, in response to a question from Agence France-Presse about these attacks, that “these are classic measures before a large-scale attack” expected in the coming weeks.
He added that the goal “is to paralyze the delivery and transportation of military goods.”

The railway network was regular Targeted Due to Russian bombing over the past two years. The attacks particularly hit stations like Mahatta KramatorskIn the east, where dozens of people, most of them civilians trying to flee the fighting, were killed in April 2022. In recent weeks, this has been observed Increase in bombings Against railway infrastructure. These attacks come at a time when the United States is seeking… Months of paralysis because of Internal political rivalriesThey resumed military aid to Ukraine. On Friday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced a military aid package from… $6 billion to UkraineIt is the largest to date, and will include air defense systems, anti-drone systems and artillery munitions. This is the second component announced this week, following the $1 billion component unveiled on Wednesday. Both amounts are part of $61 billion support budget for Kiev The US Congress voted on it this week.

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