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Bianchi, Giambrone and Lucente arrive

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Simone Bianchidefender, born in 1994, passed away Medawith experience in Bro Leeson it is in MarianoAs well as the previous two Simone GiambroneMidfielder, born in 1995, who also spent spells with… Vinigro, Capiati And neighborAnd Fabio LucenteBorn in 1993, recently from an adventure with…worldwide Solaro. And the A trio of aces Which will contribute to Determine the employees of the new companyWhich he will represent starting next competitive season Sirigno On fields promotion. Confirmation, without prejudice to the need to a Compliance with the regulationwhich is still prohibited Formalize membershipscame from Alfredo Farinithe network-mandated businessman who wanted The rebirth of football in the cityafter Cerigno disappeared from the scene in 1913.

Football: For Lucente and Giambrone, it’s a comeback

Fabio Lucente in 2013, wearing a Cirigno 1913 shirt

to Giambrone and LucentiAs we mentioned, it will be Back to Ferruccio:Both of them actually already They wore the blue jersey at the beginning of their career About ten years ago, when he was on the bench David SassariniAnd leave it in the environment Positive image. With them, as already announced, there will also be a goalkeeper Mirko Pizziborn in 1999, former Varese, how, Legnano And Universal SolaroAnd so is the attacker Antonio Gentileborn in 1985, who received Vigneolo. “Fans -comments Show meThey will remember Bright He plays Winger in defense or midfield. But over time, a tactical development made this happen He acts as a tall winger. Let’s say that, in 4-3-3 by Mr. Gabriel Avila, Matteo Ferrari It can start on the right, Lucente on the left, in the middle Antonio Gentile». In this case, the two are external, Ferrari and LucenteThey were playing with the inverted foot, being The first left-handed And the The second right.

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Football: The bureaucratic process is heading towards the finish line

Another photo from 2013: Simone Giambrone in the blue shirt

On the Bureaucratic frontthe The path towards the conclusion of the municipal tender processwhich will be set New sports title And the Multi-year management of the Ferruccio Stadium and the Seregnello Sports CentreIt now appears to be heading downward. “Suppose there is optimism Farini confirms. we’ve got You have a few extra days to submit the necessary documents for the final stepwhich we will protocol By the new deadline of Tuesday, June 18. Then by the end of the month The municipal administration will have to send a certified email to the unionto show us how New entity to affiliateRepresent City of Cerigno. I don’t see it personally Special problems». Supporters hope so too, who in the meantime, Given the first market movementsCan (Re)start dreaming.

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