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View the squad that will face the 2022/23 season β€’

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In a wonderful environment Piazza della Porta Vecchia in Vettano they were introduce yourself Monday August 1 The team and the staff subordinate vitano football club for this season.

The president honored Fabio Gasperoni Which, after introducing all the directors to the newcomers, encouraged the technicians and players to do their best to repeat the extraordinary trajectory of last year, when, with a fully renewed squad and a new technical team, Vittano finished sixth in the regular class.

“We have shown – He said – That with a lot of work and a technical guide like ours, it’s possible to compete with all the teams. I thank all the players who contributed and who chose other paths this year. At the same time, I warmly welcome the newcomers.”

sports director Rafael BarrettYou miss the evening for work reasons, e Petro Tamayin charge of the technical field, are those who have physically acquainted themselves with the follicles of the new team. We focus on the youth – He said Tamay Choosing willing men and in our opinion with talent.” Among them are four young men from the Union Academy.

Then the coach spoke Danilo Girolomoniwith the support of all its employees. “Last year we did a good job – He said – And I must say we have created an amazing group. Many have left but our approach is with humility, determination and unchanging determination, so we propose attacking football that looks for aesthetics in a way that entertains those who follow and support us with passion.”.

Before introducing the newcomers, the team flag took to the podium: the captain Alex Della Valle And the deputy Mattia Giardi. They both confirmed how Faetano is now famous as a club for having a great climate inside the locker room. β€œIt is our extra weapon. We try to get all the newcomers to understand the mentality that we have to put everyone at ease.”

From a sporting point of view, the team has already started Wednesday August 3 a period PrepareLed by a sports coach Rodrigo BaldeliAnd in the coming weeks, you’ll encounter a series of friendly: On August 10, 13, 14, 24 and 27 with the Guido Della Valle Cup.

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