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Belotti and Jurich’s statement that leaves no room for doubt

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Saturday’s match between Bologna and Turin ended 0-0. The result that does not satisfy anyone and the two teams want to reach the 40-point share as quickly as possible, which means an athlete’s salvation. However, coach Juric did not send them to speak at the post-match conference. A draw with Mihajlovic’s team, if you like, is a good result, but the way it arrived made the bombshell coach in anger. In fact, Juric hated his players to demand more sarcasm and determination in front of goal. It seemed that Juric’s goal was Belotti himself, the author of a game that must be completely forgotten. At the moment, the striker appears to be a foreign body to the team and the Arena does not cease to criticize his slow and submissive attitude, which many consider to be “the flip of a grenade”.

Yorick’s criticism of Belotti

The coach explained in the press conference that he expects a lot from Belotti because he depends on the goals of the striker to reach salvation as quickly as possible. However, Belotti is very distracted by market rumors relating to him. Indeed, Toronto, after taking Insigne from Napoli, appears to be seriously interested in the striker. But Milan is also interested in the player.

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