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Belfast: The new Kenneth Branagh movie trailer

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Universal Pictures The new official trailer for . has been released BelfastThe new movie directed by Kenneth Brana with the Ansar Caitriona BalfAnd Judi DenchAnd Jamie DornanCiaran Hinds NS Judd Hill.

In the summer of 1969, nine-year-old Buddy knew exactly who he was and where he came from. He’s a working-class kid in North Belfast, happy, lovable and safe. The world of friends is a life lived on the street by having fun, in the heart of a united and supportive community.

This is where his big family lives, on the same street, and where it is impossible to get lost because of a Belfast They all know each other, or so it seems. In his spare time, Paddy immerses himself in the shadows of the cinema or in front of the television, watching American films and television, to move into the world of dreams.

But as the 1960s draw to a close, and humans take their first steps on the moon, the last days of August turn Buddy’s childhood dreams into a nightmare. Latent social discontent explodes suddenly, and intensifies very quickly. First a disguised attack, then riots and finally citywide conflict, where religion is fanning the flames. Catholics and Protestants, loving neighbors from a moment ago, became bitter enemies.

Buddy must come to terms with the chaos and hysteria, and from this new lockdown scene, populated by heroes and villains, who’s only ever been glimpsed on the movie screen, but now threatens to upend all he knows and loves, just as a back-of-house epic showdown takes place.

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His mother struggles to make it happen, and his father works in England trying to earn enough money to support the family. Vigilant law reigns, and innocent lives are threatened. Buddy knows what to expect from his heroes – he’s spent hours watching West like middle of the back NS The man who killed Liberty Valance – But could his father be the hero he really needs? Does her mother sacrifice her past to protect her family’s future? How can his beloved grandparents be safely? And how does he continue to love the girl of his dreams?

The answers lie in Buddy’s compelling, fun, poignant and poignant journey through the riots, violence, joy and despair of family relationships and the agony of first love; All accompanied by the dance, music and laughter that only the Irish can capture when the world is turned upside down.

Because what else can Buddy do? This is his only world. This is Belfast.

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