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Because Charles III was proclaimed King in Canada and Australia

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

After yesterday’s ceremony in London, Charles III was proclaimed King of Canada, Australia and other territories that are today part of the Commonwealth: Here’s why.

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Charles III was proclaimed King today Canada And Australia. Before yesterday’s ceremony was overAdmission CouncilThe new sovereign officially died on September 8 after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, 70 and 96 years of reign, even in some territories. CommonwealthAn intergovernmental organization born as an evolution of the British Empire.

Commonwealth countries that recognize the monarch as head of state actually have ceremonies planned.

In Canada Governor General and Head of State Mary Simon met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday to sign the proclamation of Charles III as King of the North American nation. “His Royal Highness, Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom, Canada and other possessions and territories, after the death of our last sovereign King Charles III,” the document read aloud. An event in Ottawa followed by the firing of 21 cannonballs.

Death Queen Elizabeth, King Charles III speak: “Love for Harry and Meghan, William’s pride”

Charles III was also recognized as head of stateAustralia After the meeting of the local federal executive committee, the national anthem was sung in front of the parliament and the welcome message to the country was given.

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The head of state of 14 of the 54 states of the Commonwealth of Nations is the same as the current monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The same thing happens here New Zealand And Jamaica However, the proclamation agenda goes worldwide: a ceremony is planned even on the island Tasmania.

Also, in one of Charles III’s first duties as monarch, a meeting with Commonwealth representatives is scheduled for this afternoon. Taking into account the importance always attached to the institution by Queen Elizabeth, the media highlighted the event. Role of the President (Insured by republican member states from the base) Since 2018 the successor has not been able to make long trips.

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