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Unica Certificate 2023: How and Where to Download

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Starting last March 16, it is possible to download the Individual Certificate 2023 directly from the INPS website or the Revenue Agency website. But they are not the only channels in which the document can be found: let’s see them all in the following article.

from March 16, 2023 Available to all interested parties unique certificate, Mandatory to certify income from work and its like, as well as commissions for self-employment and some other income, paid in a specified tax period.

In the following article we see all the ways in which this is possible Download the document.

2023 Unique Certificate: Where do I find it?


Interested taxpayers can find one certificate 2023The financial document by which employees are proven and approved for income and the like.

CU from the INPS website

If you decide to download CU from INPS website You must log in with your SPID, CIE, or CNS credentials. Once this is done, you need to get to the “Financial Services” area, then “Performance and Services”, “Services”, “One certificate 2023 (citizen)and download the required document.

the retireesCU 2023, on the other hand, is accessible thanks to the online service “pension voucher” Available on the INPS website.

CU from the Revenue Agency website

In case you decide to download CU from Revenue Agency websiteOnce you are logged into your PrivateSpace, you must first click on “stairs tax“then in”certificate unique“.

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other options

In addition to what has just been seen, it is also possible to obtain the Individual Certificate through one of the following procedures Options:

  • by contacting INPS Call Centre On 803 164 (without a landline) or 06164164 from the mobile network. The certificate will be sent directly to the applicant’s home country;
  • call up The toll-free number is 800-434-320, both from landlines and mobile (service with auto-responder). In this case, the individual certificate will be sent to the place of residence;
  • in half Certified Email (PEC)with the request being sent to the address [email protected] Complete with a copy of the applicant’s identity document. The individual certificate will be sent to the PEC fund used for the request;
  • to retirees residing abroad The number (+39) 06 164 164 is active (enabled for calls from the mobile network), service with the operator from Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 and on Saturday from 8 to 14 (Italian time).

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