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Battlefield 2042, many PC gamers are talking about a bug-ridden and incomplete game –

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Many PC players, who try out the game in Early Access, are talking about a Battlefield 2042 I was plagued by it an insectAnd incomplete and poor improvement. At the moment, the DICE title has not received any reviews from players on Steam or Metacritic, since it is not yet available (it will be from November 19), but in the game’s official forum on the Valve platform you can read several full posts. of complaints, to the point that some would go so far as to call it the new Cyberpunk 2077.

The game will basically be unstable, with areas like Hazard riddled with bugs and weak optimizations that will keep it from going above 100fps even on systems equipped with high-performance video cards like GeForce RTX 3090.

And complaints It doesn’t end there, because we are talking about only nineteen weapons, with some pieces to add to the seasons that will inevitably arrive, and various minuses such as voice chat, server browser and many more. You find it all well summarized in This topic.

It must be said that many other players seem to be enjoying Battlefield 2042 and that the most important are usually those who make the most noise, so the real situation may be a little different from what is shown on the forum. steam. In any case, we hope that DICE will fix all the issues as quickly as possible, allowing you to run the best version of their latest effort, which you can read about in our last test.

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