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Xbox and Bethesda working on ‘multiple’ Disney games, for rumor –

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According to a new rumor, Xbox and Bethesda They should work on it “Multiple” games based on Disney licenses. The information comes from esports commentator Joey McDermott, who cites his source as “KourtsideKing” who in the past would reveal Bethesda’s welcome event as part of Xbox Game Studios, but not publicly.

McDermott says he doesn’t know in what order it will be posted, but it will be there Multiple projects Based on Disney licenses coming from Xbox-Bethesda. Unfortunately we have no other information on this.

As always, remember to take everything with a grain of salt. It’s just a file Common There are no official confirmations of any kind. We already know that MachineGames is working on a game dedicated to Indiana Jones. This is an original story game, created with the support of Lucasfilm Games.

According to rumors, it will not be the only franchise that will become a video game on Xbox and Bethesda. Disney It has such a large wallet that it is impossible to predict what it is: even looking at Marvel, there are so many superheroes that we can spend hours guessing. We also don’t know if these projects will be deployed in the short term or if they will take a long time.

In the meantime, we recall that Marvel Games from Square Enix “moved” along with the teams sold to the Embracer Group.

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