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“But there has to be Chris Hemsworth”

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Thor: Love and Thunder recently arrived in Italian cinemas and we’re already starting to think about it A possible sequel, again under the guidance of Taika Waititi.

Writer and director of the fourth chapter of the MCU about the God of Thunder, which we talked about in our country Thor review: Love and Thunderrevealed to Insider that the last message after the post-credit scenes, which says “Thor will be back,” It was a surprise for him and Chris Hemsworth.

I’m not joking”Waititi explained. “I saw him at the movies and thought, ‘Oh, damn it. genuinely?’ Chris was also like, “What?” “. Then the manager was asked If Thor 5 . is made And the If he will return to direct her: “Definitely, will be back. He’s the best characterWaititi said.I mean, I might be a little biased, but it’s a lot more fun to watch.”

The director added: “Now, I don’t know what it would look like next. I’ll do it for sure, but only if Chris does. But it must be something surprising and unexpected for me to do. For example, what’s the new version be? Battles and all fights. It’s okay, but I want Something seems unexpected when it comes to the story. Like making a $5 million movie without a fight, just Thor on the go. Like ‘Nebraska.’”

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