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Batman 2, will we see the Joker Barry Keoghan again?

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After appearing at the end of The Batman, fans are wondering if Barry Keoghan will return to play the Joker, in a more comprehensive way, with a more significant presence of the historical character. The representative responded.

There is still no clear timetable for Batman 2 with Robert PattersonEven if the project becomes official at CinemaCon in April: the bets are open to understand which one villain They will participate by the director Matt Reeves In the next story, but of course everyone thinks of Joker Barry KeoghanIt seems a barrier At the end of Batman. GQ magazine interviewed the actor and he said…
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Batman 2, Barry Keoghan does not rule out the return of the Joker

At the end of Batmanwe discovered thatRiddler detainee (Paul Dano) He knew a hospital/detention classmate: it was obvious that he was jokerinterpreted in this inscription by Barry KeoghanRecently Island spirits by Martin McDonagh. The historical Batman villain thought of an alliance with Riddler, but it turns out that Director Matt Reeves turned The confrontation between Bruce Wayne and the Jokerin cut scene Five minutes, with the two separated by a glass. Starting with this idea, the Joker can develop in parallel with the anomalous idea Joaquin Phoenix (Who will return in Joker: Folie à Deux in October 2024)? According to a GQ Magazine interview, Keoghan has not yet been questioned about the sequel, but is optimistic: “As soon as they call me, I’ll go there.”
On the other hand, since we neither know the production dates nor the release dates for Batman 2, it is legitimate to imagine that the text is not yet complete. Theoretically, we should encounter this universe long before this movie: the Penguin spin-off seriesdedicated to the character he plays Colin FarrellIt hasn’t been officially canceled, despite internal storms at Warner Bros. , but nothing has been known about him since March.

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