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Bari’s return against Como ends the match with a score of 2-2

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Bari – Bari Como 2-2 in match day 33 of Serie B. The guests scored Ioannou (18) and Cutrone (26) goals. Chedira (48 minutes) and De Cesar (92 minutes) scored for Polyans.

Only one draw, then, for Bari at the Stadio San Nicola, in front of almost 18,000 spectators, against Como: the final 2-2, after a sensational comeback from a double double, does not allow Oleans to keep up with Genoa. He finished second in the standings and won in Marassi over Perugia, while extending the gap from Sottirol (4th), who lost in Ascoli, by one.
Without director Mailu (injured) Minani tries to put Binali in the role of kingmaker, but the solution makes Pari’s maneuvering slow and predictable.

And so the determined Como took advantage of it and in the 18th minute advanced with a deflection from Iano (a lightness from Vicari) to the side of Gabrieloni. With Antonucci and his cohorts disoriented by the pace of Larian, Cutrone took advantage of a misdirected pass from Folorencio in the 26th minute and beat Caprile from the edge with his powerful right foot into the corner. Barry’s changes are recorded in the second half with the additions of Botta and Muraccioli for Benali and Antinucci, changes that finally give creativity to the attacking work. At 3’st Cheddira finds the goal (16th of the season) with a pass from Morachioli, but forcing the hosts becomes pressure only in the final, when the equaliser (47’st) arrives with Di Cesare cutting the defense and surprises Gomez. Minani’s eleven players are finally looking for the third goal, and 10 minutes into injury time, De Cesar does not embody a new opportunity (his left foot a few steps from Lariana’s goal ends up skyrocketing).

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