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Awakening Mind Breeds Monsters: Faceless After Dark

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So, I’ll write it right away so you get used to it: The hero of this movie is called Bowie Davidson. You read that right, Bowie Davidson. It’s up to you to interpret that Gina CannellOne of the two heroes horrifying Who die horribly at the hands of Art the Clown. Have you overcome the shock of the most ridiculous name in history? Good, let’s go.

We start with Cannelle Catherine Corcoran (The other hero horrifying) essentially playing themselves in a metacinema version: they are two young horror actresses who have just had some success in a movie about a killer clown, and are now signing autographs at various regional comedy studios and hoping to make a career without getting too involved, distracting themselves from vulgar fans and harsh detractors. In the director’s intentions Raymond Wood The redundant Cannell, who co-signed the script, is an alienating and objective situation that exceeds the limits of what is tolerable. Actually I can understand them. But let’s say there is much worse than that. But not for Gina Kanell, heroine of all keyboard battles, narcissistic in the extreme, and perhaps as much a pain in the ass in life as she is on screen! This is one of those cases where you want to say to her: Yes, I agree with you, but you’re not doing much to convince me of your case. Once you see her wearing a denim jacket with a VEGAN pin, you already know that the vegan look will be back at least a few times (check!); You can already imagine that Bowie Davidson, as well as being a vegetarian, is also eccentric (check!) and liberal (check!) and unwilling to deal with the presence of people who don’t think like her (check!) and he actually kills them all for petty reasons. In short, it’s all good and all right, but it’s also highly predictable and Manichaean.

Bad intentions, rudeness

The problem, and I’m too embarrassed to reveal it, is that Bowie Davidson… well, let’s say… he lives… yes, in short, he lives In a villa with a swimming pool. And he doesn’t do shit all day. He complains that his father is not a very rich banker! Meanwhile, he does nothing at all, perhaps because he is a waitress in a restaurant dinner Being full of cave dwellers is an embodiment, while doing no work is clearly generous. Oh, what should I tell you? So a bored, bored Bowie finds nothing better to do than spend hours and hours on social media, being bombarded with news that this world is falling apart for various reasons we all know about, and becoming manic and distraught from the overload of doom scrolling; Who would be surprised if the pitcher loses at some point? He has some very good reasons. But, at the same time, who would be surprised if we, the spectators, lose any shred of sympathy for him? Another interesting detail, and I don’t know at all whether this was intentional or unintentional: Bowie Davidson never locks the door. A psychopath’s suitor comes to her house because, oh my God, he found the door open! After Bowie solved the visit in his own way, the coward decided to turn off the security as soon as the visit was over! Could this perhaps be a sign of self-harm? Or perhaps director Raymond Wood wants to push me to ask where the free will of the victim ends and the individual responsibility of the aggressor begins? No, I’m just trying to hold on to some level of interest in this movie and end up making other movies myself.

I was very angry here because of the wasted horror potential

By the way, Wood directed the series Jenna misunderstands everything on TikTok, an apotheosis of selfishness where Kanelle talks about the things that matter to her for 40 seconds in front of a still camera; So I think by “direction” you mean pressing the on/off button. Here he shows that he has more technical know-how, if not character: keeping in mind that this is a film first and foremost a vehicle for the hero, Wood enjoys playing with hyper-saturated photography, video effects, and tilt shots; He even attempts an intense close-up in the style of Mia Goth PearlBut unfortunately we forget that Gina Cannell is not Mia Goth. And the gruesome murder scenes? Here from a friend Damien Leon The last thing I expected was shyness. Instead, the gruesome scenes are disappointing: in reverse or off-screen, bloodstains are only faintly visible. Maron, what a slap. As it is easy to imagine, Faceless after dark It is written and directed with a large marker and does not include the slightest bit of complicated stuff like nuances and uncertainties; You’ll tell me that too horrifying It wasn’t very precise, but Damian Leone had a very specific idea of ​​the movie he wanted to make – Raymond Wood, on the other hand, was all arrogantly walking around with his straight marker and thinking ‘I’m a genius, I’m a genius’. “I’m making a progressive film for the generation of righteous people.” Poor Raymond, someone told him he was doing it all wrong.

This was also a scene with very high potential

Because at the end of the day, Faceless after dark (Unlike Monday horrifying(And the fact that Wood doesn’t realize that makes me crazy) is the usual story of the moral serial killer righting wrongs with stabs, with the added value of the all-too-easy moral blackmail so common these days: but how? Cannell Wood asks you, Don’t you agree that the white man with toxic masculinity should die? What about climate change? What about homophobia? Are you an *ally* or are you part of *pr*bl*m*?! I repeat: it’s all good and it’s all true, but when said in those tones, I don’t buy it. Aridatece Art the Clown, who was less of a clown than these two here.

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