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Avatar 3, 4 and 5 sequels planned but will take years –

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Avatar: Water Road She will have a goddess followed by Avatar 3, 4, and 5It seems that the matter has been practically confirmed by director James Cameron also in light of the excellent results that the film receives at the box office, except that it will take a lot of time. time before you can see them on screens.

In a recent interview published by The Wrap, James Cameron He made it clear that the sequels are practically already written but will take a long time to produce, so we’ll talk about them in the coming years.

Cameron explained, “There’s The stories do existWe know exactly what needs to be done and we know what the movies are going to be like. But we need to go through the entire production process to get it done, the director said. “So you would think that, ideally, Avatar 3 will come out two years from now. It might take another two years to see Avatar 5.”

In short, the idea seems to be to move forward with at least three more movies, which already seem to have a script written but could take several years to complete. At this pace, Cameron explains, “we will never walk away from the market and give that feel A stable world and an evolving history What are the things we imagine audiences like. If there is a desire for these characters and this world, please give them a regular beat, ideally, according to a master plan we have in mind.”

After officially crossing the $1 billion mark at the box office, the movie continues to be a huge hit with audiences, and so it will be followed in the coming years by no less than two more.

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