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Automatic, there is a secret compartment in the door: it saves you a lot if you use it correctly, I find out where it is

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auto-ok- (motorzoom)

When we drive, we often go into “auto,” harnessing our car’s capabilities as often as we need to or as often as we’re told. But the car often hides surprises.

Or Possibleto be specific, surface, at times, some Privacy Which we didn’t really realize: really show utility and creativity amazing.

How well do we know our car? When we often wondered about this or that job, about this or that deviceand maybe we could not give a definite answer?

Of course, we are not all experts Mechanics, Clear: But we’re not just talking about mechanics, not just about looks electrical or technological From this point of view. and what?

Sometimes we find out what is right devices, or space or, as in this case under discussion, apparently disappeared Secret, But it has always been there.

Support compartment – This is where it is located

And he was there to play specific function, And ahem, maybe we didn’t give it much weight, or we didn’t give it much importance Adequate, at least. what is he talking about? Actually, there are many more.

windows- (motorzoom)
windows- (motorzoom)

But what we want to talk about here is something specific room Which, in particular, is located on the door, and allows you to avoid important problems, If used well.

We don’t even realize it but this component allows us to avoid having to spend a lot pile to money in repairs: what kind? In detail, fixes related to water.

Yes, because as you can well imagine, speaking of the door, we know it is clause Which, if properly closed, prevent to the water to Enters: But if the same thing is filtered?

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Cockpit hatches: where are they located

However, we will have to run for cover because breaking through the water can cause damage to the cockpit, inward, and maybe some electrical components and mechanical.

indoor- (motorzoom)

Rather, in part Lower from door There is one room, Where there is also a small lid that, if opened, allows water to flow out, which otherwise could not plural They don’t even end up Hacked inside the car.

Basically, as you can see in some of the videos circulating around the web that are becoming fashionable, this stopper allows the outside water to pass through: they famously drain holes. And they are very useful.

In fact, water can come out and pass over gaskets affiliate Window, Especially if it is raining or if you are at a car wash for example. These hats often go drain manually.

It is also true that many cars have holes in them drain On the front glass To avoid backlog or to be directly involved in driver. did you know

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