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Auto tax fines arrive: who takes a big risk

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There are heavy fines for those who do not pay on time car tax. During the early days of the pandemic, there was a temporary suspension of the auto tax after several regions decided to suspend payments.

But now that things are back to normal, car tax must be paid, unless you are part of some of the specific categories for which exemption is expected. For those who have Expiration From the tax set on December 31 the deadline for payment was January 31, 2022. Many motorists had hoped for further extensions which, however, did not arrive with the 2022 Budget Act. For those who did not pay the stamp duty by the deadline, they are provided Very severe penalties.

Fines also vary according to the accumulated delay. If you want to settle the payments, there is a possible measure called tortuous penance that allows the motorist to pay the car tax at an additional cost. It is clear that the more time passes, the more expensive the car tax. At the moment, however, ranked second Online trend, is the only way to remedy one’s situation without incurring heavier penalties or administrative confiscation of the vehicle. The first fines were issued on February 1.

How to avoid penalties

Drivers who want to catch up can do so thanks to active repentance. This way they can avoid the beating and heavy fines stipulated in the event of non-payment of vehicle tax. This can start without the interested party receiving credit recovery notices from the responsible bodies. This is because it is a completely automatic procedure.

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During the first 14 days, the fine for which the citizen must save is 1% of the tax for days of delay. From the 15th day onwards, the percentage to be taken into account increases to 1.5%. If the days of delay range from 31 to 90 days, the percentage increases to 1.65% and after the 90th day the late payment will be 3.75% of the car tax as well as the car tax itself. Moreover, the driver bears all legal interests.

To benefit from active penance, Form F24, F24 Elide, and F23 must be filed with the Revenue Agency. There are many motorists who hope to get the prescription, in fact three years after the stamp stamp expires, in the event that no communications are received, the stamp falls by statute of limitations. This is a very risky situation. In fact, the tax authorities in the meantime can initiate other types of actions against the non-taxpayer. Among these measures is administrative detention, which includes impounding the vehicle in question, which will not be able to pass until the vehicle tax is paid.

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