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Dazn and Serie A sticks to watch football on TV / From Fire Tv Stick to Chromecast

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Among the many ways to see Dozen on your TVin the event that the latter is not intelligent, and therefore unable to connect to the Internet, there is also”StickWe are specifically talking about those devices, whose industry leader is amazon fire tv stick, Which once inserted into the TV will allow you to make it smart, thus surfing the Internet and downloading the most used applications. As mentioned earlier, the top device in this category remains the Amazon branded device, and in particular the model from €39.99 It is also equipped with an integrated voice remote control with Alexa which also controls the TV.

Inside you will find a series of pre-installed apps, including the Dazn app to enjoy League A, and also other downloadable apps like Disney+, Prime, Netflix, etc. If you want you can buy it by clicking on this Amazon address. Another interesting stick is the branded stick xiaomispecially METV STICK. The Chinese multinational has its own personal “receiver” with remote control and voice control, for sale only 20.99 euros, at 5% off.


The stick can be purchased from this is the address She is undoubtedly one A valid alternative to Amazon’s brand competitor, although perhaps less well known. Finally, among the devices that you can use to make your TV smart and thus enjoy the application dozenthere is the google chromecast.

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In this case, the process is done via a smartphone, because your TV will, in fact, be an extension of your mobile phone. You can use all the most popular applications, download them directly to your mobile device, and then enjoy the show via TV. Google Chromecast price is €27.99 And you can Buy it at this address.

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