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Gaza, and 3 Israeli hostages were injured in the raids. Israel prevents the entry of an Italian-Albanian official to the United Nations

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Biden: Stop the operation in Rafah without a plan for civilians

“The major Israeli military operation in Rafah cannot continue without a credible plan to protect more than a million civilians.” Joe Biden said this after his meeting at the White House with Jordanian King Abdullah.

The White House: Do not forcibly transfer the Palestinians out of Gaza

“We do not want to see any forced transfer of people out of Gaza. Gaza is their homeland and they should not be forced to leave if they do not want to. If there is a (military operation) in Rafah, Israel is obligated to ensure the safety of the innocent Palestinians there.” This was stated by US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

Head of the CIA and Mossad in Egypt, it's about the hostages

The heads of the CIA and Mossad will meet tomorrow with Egyptian and Qatari officials in an attempt to revive negotiations to stop the fighting and release the hostages. The Financial Times reported, citing some sources, that the negotiations will take place in Cairo. The mediators hope that the Mossad chief's move to Egypt is a sign of Israel's openness to a potential deal.

United States of America: The tragic death of a Palestinian girl who asked for help

“Heartbreaking”: This is how US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller described the death of Hind Rajab, a six-year-old Palestinian girl who lost her life in Gaza after surviving an attack on her family’s car and who had called to ask for help. Miller urged Israel to investigate the incident.

Francesca Albanese: Israel's atrocities reach a new level

Israel's entry ban is nothing new. Israel has denied entry to all Special Rapporteurs/elective representatives since 2008! This must not become a distraction from the atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza, which has reached a new level of horror by bombing people in the “safe areas” of Rafah. Writes it on X Francesca AlbaneseThe United Nations Special Rapporteur in the Palestinian Territories responded to Israel's decision to prevent her from entering the country.

Hamas: Three Israeli hostages were killed in the raids

The Hamas movement announced via the Telegram application the killing of 3 of the eight Israeli hostages that it announced yesterday that they were injured in “the barbaric Zionist attacks on the Gaza Strip.” The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, added that it would later publish the names and photos of the dead, “and the fate of the rest of the wounded will become clear.”

Israel prevents the entry of UN official Francesca Albanese

Israel has decided to prevent entry into the country Francesca AlbaneseCorrespondent to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Foreign and Interior Ministries said the decision was linked to his “heinous claims that the victims of the October 7 massacre were not killed because of their Jewishness but in response to Israeli oppression.”

In his response two days ago to a publication in Le Monde, Albanese wrote: “The biggest anti-Semitic massacre of our century”? No, Mr. Emmanuel Macron. The victims of 7/10 were not killed because of their Jewishness, but rather in response to Israeli oppression. France and the international community did nothing to prevent this. My respect to the victims.”

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Biden is angry with Netanyahu. NBC: An insult to the Israeli Prime Minister

Joe Biden would have been increasingly angry at Benjamin Netanyahu over Israel's military campaign in Gaza and at his collaborators, according to NBC, and would have also indulged in insults toward the Israeli prime minister. At times, US radio reports indicate that Biden refers to Netanyahu simply as “that guy,” while on at least three recent occasions he has called him “an idiot…”, NBC News reported. When pressed, the US National Security Council denied this, saying that despite some disagreements, the two have had a “decades-long respectful relationship in the public and private sectors.”

The death toll in the Rafah attack rose to 100

The death toll from the massive attack launched by the Israel Defense Forces on the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip has risen to 100, Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV reported, adding that more than 230 people were injured. Most of the victims of the attack were women and children. Previous reports indicated that Israeli Air Force aircraft carried out raids targeting the Al-Huda and Al-Rahma mosques, where many refugees are located. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that residential buildings in the surrounding area and the organization's headquarters were bombed.

“Israeli raid on Aleppo airport in Syria”

Recently, Israeli aircraft launched an air strike on Aleppo Airport in northern Syria. This was reported by the Saudi Arabia channel. There is no further information at the moment.

Netanyahu: The release of hostages can only be achieved through military pressure

“Only sustained military pressure, until complete victory, will lead to the release of all our hostages.” This is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said when he spoke about the army's release of the two hostages in Rafah. He concluded: “We will not waste any opportunity to bring them home.”

How were they released?

He added that the two hostages “were held on the second floor by armed terrorists who were present in the building and in neighboring buildings as well.” This was stated by military spokesman Daniel Hajari, revealing the details that led to the release of the two Israeli hostages in the center of Rafah. Hajari added that the liberation operation was accompanied by air strikes “to allow the separation of soldiers and to strike Hamas terrorists in the area.”

Netanyahu: “Forward until victory”

«Fernando and Luis: Welcome back. I pay tribute to our brave warriors for the work that led to their liberation.” This is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a tweet in which he welcomed the release of the two Argentine hostages. “Only continued military pressure until complete victory will lead to the release of all our kidnappers.” He added in 'X' Program: We will not miss any opportunity to bring them home.

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