Home science Astronauts eat tacos with space-grown chili

Astronauts eat tacos with space-grown chili

Astronauts eat tacos with space-grown chili
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aeven in International Space Station you eat me tacos. The astronauts themselves documented the meal, who on October 29 published photos to show the result of the . initiative Farming Space began in recent months on the International Space Station, thanks to which they were able to grow hot peppers.

«The investigation included microbial analysis to better understand the interactions between plant microbes in space and the crew’s assessment of the flavor, texture and nutrition of the first space-grown peppers. NASA states in a statement. Pepper “More difficult to grow than many possible crops Space because it takes longer to germinate, grow and develop fruitsHe adds.

The project that allowed farming takes on a name Plant habitat -04 As explained by NASA on its website, it expects hot peppers to grow within a 4-month time frame.

The experiment is designed to help NASA expand its knowledge food crops for long-term space missions. decide to choose Chili pepper Precisely because the latter contains many essential nutrients and because it is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Valentina Le Serto

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Valentina Le Serto

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