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AsktoAl, from Torre S.Susanna the startup giving space to artificial intelligence

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Torre Santa Susanna – a new tool based on artificial intelligence to give professionals the opportunity to improve communication and make it more effective.

It was developed by a startup based in Torre Santa Susanna, Alsafi Srl, which created ASKtoAI, which was created with the aim of making high-quality content creation accessible to everyone, regardless of users' technical skills.

“ASKtoAI – we read in a note – Unlike other tools of the same type, ASKtoAI is not limited to conversations but its capabilities range in creating content in a wide range of formats, from writing articles and posts on social media to creating images and audio narrations. Thanks to the large number of Tools, ASKtoAI lays the foundations for a new era of intuitive and intelligent communication. Tech-savvy companies, freelance creatives, copywriters, social media managers, bloggers, web agencies and marketers: the new AI-based system provides a wide range of professionals with high-level professional support that supports humans and expands the possibility of intervention and intervention “The interaction between the caller and the target.”

The diverse solutions offered by ASKtoAI: “Chat: intelligent and natural interaction with an AI platform that learns and adapts; Tools: cutting-edge AI tools to create engaging content that captures the audience’s attention; Image: advanced algorithms capable of transforming simple text descriptions into visually stunning images; Audio: Text-to-speech with a range of natural AI voices for authentic narration; Video: intuitively create animated videos from conceptual ideas, elevating digital storytelling; Memory: a data storage and retrieval system that supports the creation of cohesive, personalized content; Personality: personalize the tone of communication Using artificial intelligence to better reflect the brand identity.

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And again: “Just ask ASKtoAI – we read back in the note – to get the answers you are looking for: By providing the right inputs, in fact, ASKtoAI allows you to create any digital content, video, audio or text, highly customized and unique. Published and centered around the goal to be achieved. The high adaptability and user-friendly approach of the innovative system make ASKtoAI the right tool for implementing a communication structure tailored to each user, even without a wealth of technical knowledge. Behind ASKtoAI and its continuous development are the members of Alsafi srls, Marco Esposito, Federico Pimpensato and Cosimo Padulla Esposito, who has years of experience in the field of SEO and in-depth knowledge of project management, leads the ASKtoAI team as CEO and Project Manager: his experience in the sector, his eye for detail and the new possibilities offered by technology make him a special person. An indispensable element of the team. Bempensato, as CTO of ASKtoAI, is the brain behind the company's technological innovation: thanks to his technical skills, he is able to exploit new developments in the AI ​​sector and implement them to provide cutting-edge services. An expert in marketing and web development, Badula ensures that the ASKtoAI platform meets the needs of its users: with his deep understanding of digital marketing and web development processes, he is able to guide ASKtoAI towards an increasingly digital future, integrated and accessible to all. everyone”.

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