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Ascoli Calcio, 2024 transfer window scoreboard with all incoming and outgoing moves

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The 2024 winter transfer window started on Tuesday 2nd January and will officially close its doors on Wednesday 31st January at 8pm. As usual, we present to you the scoreboard updated daily with all the incoming and outgoing moves made by Ascoli Sporting Director Marco Giannetti.

Ascoli Football Club Rosa 2023/2024

Goalkeepers: Luca Poletta, Davide Barossi, Emiliano Viviano

Defenders: Eric Potiegin, Giuseppe Pelosi, Aljaz Tavkar, Danilo Quaranta, Nicola Valasco, Claude Adjapong, Kevin Haveri, Luca Bogdan, Brian Baye.

Midline: Fabrizio Calligara, Eddie Gnahori, Marcello Falzerano, Patrizio Masini, Erdis Craga, Samuele Giovanni, Francesco Di Taccio, Tommaso Milanesi.

Attackers: Pedro Mendes, Vincenzo Melico, Simone Dovizi, Giacomo Manzari, Pablo Rodriguez, Ilya Nestorovsky.


List A – Over Players (10): Viviano (born December 1, 1985), Butygin (born August 31, 1987), Nestorovsky (born March 12, 1990), Di Taccio (born April 20, 1990), Valzerano (born April 12, 1991), Valasco (born Born October 5, 1993), Ghanori (born November 14, 1993), Bogdan (born March 26, 1999), Adjapong (born May 6, 1998), Mendes (born August 1, 1999)

List B – Under players who do not play minutes (10): Barossi (born March 30, 2000), Calligara (born April 12, 2000), Baye (born June 30, 2000), Karaja (born July 7, 2000), Miljko (born August 12, 2000), Manzari (born September 21, 2000), Tavkar (born November 17, 2000), Masini (born January 27, 2001), Rodriguez (born August 4, 2001), Haveri (born September 18, 2001)

List B – Under players who log minutes (4): Milano (born July 31, 2002), Giovanni (born March 28, 2003), Pauletta (born November 26, 2004), Dovizi (born September 15, 2004)

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flag players (2): Quaranta (born March 23, 1997), Pelosi (born August 21, 1989)

Players outside the technical project (1): Amin Al-Ghazwini (contract until June 30, 2026)



Today will play like this
– (3-5-2): Viviano; Pelosi, Buttigieg, Quaranta; Adjapong, Masini, Di Tacchio, Calligara (Young), Valasco; Mendes, Rodriguez (Nestorovsky). Coach: Beavers is also on Whatsapp. its enough click here To subscribe to the channel to always receive new news!

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