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Art and science, the “coexistence” of the future

Art and science, the “coexistence” of the future

Art and science are getting closer and closer. Unlike different worlds, scholars between rigor and research and artists who live on imagination and fantasy: art and new technologies are alike, they search for each other, marry in a present that already paints the entire future.

In Turin we will talk about it during the afternoon at General Countries of Culture, in a panel discussion entitled “The New Frontiers of Culture: Between Art and New Technologies” alongside Massimo Lappucci, General Secretary of the Crt Foundation and CEO of Turin Ogrs and Flavio Trioni, Co-Founder For 3×1010 and Revibe.

Massimo Lappucci himself coined the term “artistic technique”, simple but highly effective, to highlight what is happening in the art world. Perhaps this is a return to the past, to what inspired many artists from the Renaissance onwards, but more and more of those who make art are becoming almost scholarly.

Exhibits a poem for science

Many of the modern exhibitions are almost a hymn to science. To explore the new frontiers of creativity, artists are approaching new technologies, from virtual reality to artificial intelligence, to the latest research. On the other hand, scientists and researchers are increasingly using creativity tools to enhance communication potential. It is no coincidence that Ogr, the major repair shops in Turin, come from a technical and technological past: it was a maintenance factory for railway vehicles, steam locomotives, electric locomotives and now, after renovation, combining innovation and art. The revival of the workshops, as Labuchi explained, “is a return to the city of a place that was once a symbol of the industrial heart of Turin and the country, with an international mission linked to art, culture, innovation, sustainability and philanthropy.” And a constant look to the future: in the field of “technology”, they host initiatives aimed at research and business acceleration, with the aim of stimulating half a billion euros of investment and accelerating a thousand new start-ups over the next 20 years. It is therefore impossible not to utter the password for the past few months, “metaverse”.


Flavio Trione, together with his company 3×1010 (Website Developer, Social Media and Platform Strategies, App Design and Development), announced the creation of Revibe Factory – Metaverse. Together with Ribelli and Mixed Bag, he will be responsible for the strategic design, construction and development of interactive operations associated with the presence of brands and companies in various metaverses. In the project’s identity card, the desire to pursue goals associated with the promotion of art and culture because, as Trini declares, “technology is not an end in itself, but must be used to simplify complex dynamics and make the experiences of the rich and people more complete.” Obviously great repair workshops. From here of course we want to start the future locomotive. From here, to the cases of general culture, we will understand together where the technological train leads to the future of art.


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