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Arcore is preparing to name a public space after Silvio Berlusconi

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The proposal will be discussed in the city council on January 29 and will be presented by Forza Italia council members Tommaso Confalonieri and Michele Bertani.


Arcore could also soon name a public space after its illustrious compatriot Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away in June last year.

A request to name a street, square, building or park after Berlusconi was submitted in recent hours by members of the Forza Italia city council Tommaso Confalonieri And Michelle Bertani Through a proposal that will be discussed during the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, January 29, 2024.

the movement

“Berlusconi was a great Italian businessman who left innovative traces in the field of communications, sports and Italian politics – we read in the proposal – he served as Prime Minister four times, presiding among other things the longest-serving Cabinet” government in Italian history. Berlusconi was a member of the Italian Parliament for seven legislatures. The obvious advantages in the field of our country's foreign policy and in international relations, which reached their important culmination in the Pratica di Mare and Symbol agreements, must also be recognized. Civic appearance, entrepreneurship and politics demonstrate the opportunity to implement everything necessary in order to give Berlusconi concrete recognition.

A public place in his memory

“Berlusconi kept his residence in Arcor and exactly 30 years ago, in January 1994, Forza Italia was born – continued Confalonieri and Bertani – and that is why we ask the Municipal Council to start a journey of historical memory that is expressed in exhibitions, conferences and “events about the indelible mark Which Berlusconi left behind in the world of entrepreneurship. “We call on the court to weigh in on naming a public space that could clearly represent areas where he left a tangible mark to be named in his memory.”

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