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Apple Air Tags are used to steal cars in Canada

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If you’re one of those people who constantly searches for their keys, then Apple’s AirDacs are a godsend: a tiny device that can be found anywhere in the world, without expensive GPS or data subscriptions? Unfortunately, the idea of ​​finding out where a car is seems to have occurred to those who use technology in a different way.

York Police in Aurora, in Ontario, Thieves have identified five car thefts with the intent to steal the AirTag in a luxury car. The thieves’ technique is to hide the tracker in the identified car, track its location on the Apple processor and find out where it is parked.

The Official document of the police Clearly, there is also a video explaining the theft levels:

Since September 2021, agents have been investigating Five cases In it the suspects put the little ones Tracking devices Luxury vehicles can be found and stolen. The Apple AirTake They are attached to cars in the parking lots of shopping centers. The thieves then return the target vehicles to the victim’s home, where they are stolen directly under the house.

Those responsible for the theft use screwdrivers Enter the passenger compartment, Take care not to trigger the alarm. Upon entering, a Electronic device Just like the dynamics used to reset factory settings. In this case The The control unit is programmed again One has to accept Important That the thieves have brought. Once New key, The vehicle is started and taken away by thieves.

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The recommendations of the Canadian Police are:

  1. If possible, park your vehicle in a locked garage.
  2. Use the steering lock. This will act as a long time barrier to theft.
  3. Install the lock on the base station’s data port. This simple device can be purchased online and prevented from accessing the computer door where thieves have access to republishing vehicle keys.
  4. Consider purchasing a quality video surveillance system. Make sure the cameras are positioned correctly and that they work day and night.
  5. Regularly inspect your vehicle and if you find any suspicious tracking devices, call the police.

It remains to be seen whether this technique will work with other surveillance devices, although they are generally larger and heavier. Let’s see if anyone can deal with the situation somehow.


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