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At Rome’s Spazio Diamante, Matriusca is directed by Giampiero Rappa

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It will be organized in Space diamond from 8 to 26 March, the offer Matriuskaborn of an idea Giampiero Rappawritten by actors LO STORMO Company. On stage: Saverio Barbero, Claudio Cameza, Raffaele Elmeto, Matteo Esposito, Alberto Gandolfo, Michela Nicolai, Camila Paoletti, Fabiana Pesci, Giacinta Pitaluga, Flavia Brugnola, Delita Ronja, Marta Savoia. Directed by Giampiero Rappa.

A nightclub, transportation company, fun home, therapy office, and
Family hiding a secret. They are the various scenarios of an impending battle, a struggle between species. A young foreigner seeking fortune arrives in a small Lombard town, where seven women and five men live with their reality, their vices and their unspoken desires, unaware of what awaits them. Stories among others, where the relationships of power, justice, and destiny emerge from the tragic times of the past and land in our time. Because the years go by but the choice remains: turn away from fate as with the current or go against and impose yourself at your own peril and risk.

A matryoshka made up of seven women and five men who live their own reality. say the authors LO STORMO Company – unexpressed vices and desires, unaware of what awaits them. A young Ukrainian girl in search of fortune arrives in a small town in Lombardy. Fate can pull you in like the river current does, you have to choose to go against and impose yourself, at your own risk. It is a story of a clash of species, of which every character will be defeated, except for those who really dared to have the courage to change their destiny. Men are firm in their conviction of superiority, and women who become androgynous in order not to be submissive. Different and seemingly unconnected scenarios fit perfectly together until they explode upon each other, one because of the other.”

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“The main plot of The Alfio Family is like a show in itself, stuck in the gears of other stories — Writes creator and director Giampiero Rappa – Each directly or indirectly affects the hero’s life. Eva, a Ukrainian girl (the country of origin was chosen a year before the war broke out), becomes part of a society where her role unfortunately turns out to be that of a “sacrificial” victim. Thanks to his death, everyone’s destinies and lives will change. A stressful life long ago due to a lack of perspective or simply due to a lack of courage to change one’s life. There is no sincere dialogue between a man and a woman. There are victims, perpetrators, addictions, and co-dependencies. The gestures and actions with which everyone acts have a very high price. The cage that Alfio built no longer holds him: the tyrant loses his power, and his daughters finally rebel. All he has to do is take stock of his life, only to find himself face to face with loneliness and a void that cannot be filled. He realizes that he no longer has anything and that he can no longer count on anyone. It’s the moment of ghosts, of obvious madness, when an extreme gesture can be made. The ultimate kill is not mindless. It’s a escalation of events that leads him to kill the “sacrificial” victim Eva: the rage of a lifetime, the inability to ask for help, the abuses he committed that now turn against him, and the inability to rebel against other tyrants, such as his employer. He is a man who has waited too long for himself a perfect punishment. “They should be sentenced to life in prison”: this is what he tells his daughter at the beginning of the show when he learns that a criminal has been arrested who killed a jeweler during a robbery. Alfio is basically a guy waiting to be jailed so he won’t hurt anyone anymore.”

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The matryoshka show marks the birth of the Lo Stormo company, which on this occasion, after Sunday’s re-presentation, will present a series of thematic talks addressed to the public:

March 12: Gender-Based Violence

March 19: Young Companies

March 26th: Drama Beans.

Space diamond

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phone: 06 2785 8101

8th, 9th, 10th, 11th March H21 and March 12th H17

17 & 18 Mar H. 21 & 19 Mar H.17

24, 25 Mar H.21, 26 Mar H.17

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