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Apparently the wrestlers’ team beat Appiano –

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Here are the reports of the two matches the wrestlers have played these days:

Under 17 years old

The second stage began with wrestlers under the age of 17 entered into the first group of the category in the best way, a group made up of the best first groups and valid for determining the order that will then reach the playoffs.

Southern Appiano could do nothing against the barge of coach Giovinazzo who, despite his lack of heavyweight players, managed to field 22 players and get them all to play, bringing the score home within the friendly walls for 6 to 1. Next match on Saturday 8 January at 6.30pm in Aosta with another top-ranked team, Pinerolo.

The list: Montini / Lamberti / Garao / Mazza / Canteoler / Minetti / Gianni / Linta / Carboni / Marta Mazzucci / Matteo Mazzucci / Fracetta / Torchio / Dedga / Andriolo / Montini / Giacometo / Moraro / Agatsini / Madachung / De Sant /

Series C

Good performance by Luca Lattanzi team: Young wrestlers playing in the Serie C Championship defeat Chiavenna after losing the first leg and a nice revenge in Aosta by winning 8-1.

List: Baraldi / Doriguzzi / garau / gerbi / Dedja / Blanc / Fanelli / borio / birtig / pietromica / Gianni / Charles / Buffacchi / Garber / Negrello / Lombardo / cicchetti / Rossi / sozzi / Lattanzi / olivo / pailex

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