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Android, these applications empty the checking accounts of Italians: delete them immediately

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Android, these applications empty the checking accounts of Italians: delete them immediately. A new scam that risks being very dangerous

As it often happens, viruses and malware transmitted through smartphones can do truly incalculable damage. To avoid risks, take a look at this list.

Android (Ansafoto)

Unfortunately, we have been hearing about viruses and malware on a daily basis since the 1990s, since the early days personal computer They’ve all entered our homes. Few big systems to build Scams and breach of privacy of users, especially in relation to smartphones. Compared to the previous one, in fact, our phone is now much more than a computer at that time. We have all of our most important information on the mobile device as well as managing our finances. Precisely for this reason, it has become very attractive for hackers to try to steal our data and violate our privacy. Recently there has been a lot of talk about a Virus for Android systems Too dangerous.

The news came from the sites phone circuit And sleeping computer. Cyber ​​security experts discovered Trojans (Trojans) Android. spy 4488. This malware is capable offor fishingFunds to users in seconds across a fairly average system.

Android, Three Apps That Are Actually Trojans: What You Should Never Do

Android Tricks
Android Fraud Risks (AnsaFoto)

The Trojans It aims to steal sensitive profile information by making use of various incoming notifications on the phone.

Unfortunately inside Google Play Store There are many people who come across one which is not unusual. These we are going to mention are the apps that you should absolutely avoid, because they are indicated as potentially very dangerous.

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In this case it would be: WhatsApp Plus, ObWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. As you can imagine, these are not official apps for The WhatsApp But they are Trojans. If someone has already installed it, the recommendation is always the same: delete it immediately.

In addition, industry experts have also discovered serious vulnerabilities associated with Unisocwith special reference to Unisoc SC9863A chipset.

Thanks to this vulnerability, our sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands with a simple click. To try not to risk, all technicians recommend Update the operating system immediately. This would significantly reduce the margin of risk.

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