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Android, get these 5 updates now I can’t imagine what’s happening to the phone: it’s new again

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Google Pixel 4a (Web) –

Really good and excellent news for all Android users who will be able to benefit from five new updates to the operating system.

We often find ourselves talking about it Possible bugs and vulnerabilities from Google’s operating system. Of course, there are many criticisms about this. However, more often than not, it happens that the updates that eliminate it or the ones that bring heresy not taken in consideration. It is somewhat similar to what happens in everyday life.

We are all ready to point fingers at someone mistake Or that you engage in behaviors HarmfulWhereas when there is focus on positive behaviors or events, it turns its face to the other side. This is when you are too self-perceived to not have it treatment from others whoever they are. Likewise in the present case.

you are welcome in updates As long as it does not affect our country safety It’s us Privacy. In short, and most importantly, they are welcome as long as they do not create problems of any nature. Yes they installYou can use the new functions or the fixed ones Bugs And you no longer think about anything.

a little like the past updates Which many do not take into account, but we invite you to to install. These, in fact, will be able to guarantee that your Android smartphone will be back to new. I’m fine five We will see them together in this article. Take notes and run to install them.

Google is serious: new updates for your Android devices.

file content updates In question aims to Improves there Ease of use and the fruits For everyone device on which it is installed. One of the first things that catches the eye is the fact that the devices will be able to understand which apps are used the most by users. The latter, then, will be able to create and add shortcuts to share.

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Android 14 beta: Long list of great updates (Web) –

The third update is for those who love themselves Privacy. actually, Google Take steps to ensure that only apps are downloaded from it play store The information and data received on the devices can be accessed. The penultimate expected update is related to graphics. Developers will be able to insert Graphical improvements applications without affecting it Speed of devices.

Finally, here’s a file Fifth And the latest update. Users will be able to Change the language applications according to your needs. An advantage for those studying a language other than Italian or who are only bilingual. What we want to say is that these updates are version related beta to Android 14 And it will initially be available only to i google pixel Starting with the 4A models.

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