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Android Auto Wireless can no longer be deactivated

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The modernity we are talking about consists in Removal of choice Disable Android Auto Wireless. Attention, this feature Not Allows you to wirelessly connect Android Auto on your smartphone to a compatible car. The feature is only useful if you have one Wire adapter To connect to Android Auto wirelessly, eg Wireless that We know very well. In cases where you have a In-car box compatible With Android Auto Wireless, it will not be necessary to resort to any third-party adapter

With this comes novelty It is completely removed The ability to turn off the ability to connect wirelessly or via an adapter.

Maybe google He did it for simplicitybecause leaving the feature active, even without using it, does not entail major problems.

In addition, with the new version of Android Auto Rename some entries apps settings, without any particular fluctuations For the practical side.

The new update is It is distributed automatically across the play store. Please let us know if you have received them.

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