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Andrea Provenன்சani, chef at Il Liberty Restaurant in Milan, has tried a special menu with ingredients from a non-polluting and unique area. Find out here.

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Cooking meetings between Italy and Canada It’s a project APCI – Developed by Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani in association with the Canadian Embassy in Italy with the aim of telling the story and characteristics of Canadian products and evaluating their application in the culinary and cuisine of the Italian gastronomic tradition.

An ambitious idea, possible thanks to the commitment Giovanni TrigonaChairman of the delegation APCI CanadaLaunched in July 2021 during Canada’s National Day.

On that occasion, a live Italian-Canadian cooking show was organized in which APCI chefs from both countries competed and created recipes that are commonly used in Canadian products: bison meat, scallops and maple syrup.

But Cooking meetings between Italy and Canada The potential for sustainable twin births between two seemingly distant cultures: Andrea Provenன்சaniAPCI chef and restaurant host Freedom, In fact, D’Union is the perfect attribute that embellishes the dense exchange of ideas, projects and shared values. A good way to break any barrier of appearance, function, role. A friendly dinner is not concise, and formal, and the topics covered are of many and varied natures: from international tensions, to common roots, to the improvement of territories, to the community of motives.

Menu of Cooking meetings between Italy and Canada

Dinner celebrated the collaboration of Quebec delegates in Italy with Provencani, a chef who studied a menu centered on Canadian products: black angus meat, maple syrup (used to make wonderful onion caramel), amazing giant green beans, alley. ScallopsUp to Arctic clam, up to Cote.

The evening was attended by a representative of the Canadian Embassy, ​​Minister Councilor Edith St. Hilar and some Italian companies that import and distribute goods in our country.

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The wines deserve special mention: try the 2017 Pinot Chris Okanagan Valley and Gold Hill Charisma red blend, versatile and subtle red wine.

Finally: Cooking meetings between Italy and Canada A gin baptism … surprisingly it was called உங்கவா It is also made from berries and herbs from the Arctic tundra, giving it a distinctive color (intense yellow, almost fluorescent) and the breathtaking beauty of a region in specific scents.

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