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“An important match for the fans, but we are only thinking about three points.”

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The new challenge of red and white for Michel Menani, the challenge scheduled for Saturday 27 November against Latina always has a different flavor for the fans. Instead of the coach, deputy captain Mirko Antinucci, who rediscovered the slinger and the leader of the dressing room, intervened.

“A good time for us, the climate is very clear, we must continue like this – confirms Antenucci – we have two victories in a row, and now we will move on to the next one.” Number 7 of red and white completely follows the ideology of his coach, and putting victory in the safe, we must immediately think about the next.

The next match that had a special value and flavor for the fans, Latina was the opponent that eliminated Barry from the “Great Bankruptcy Season” qualifiers and if the two teams so far have had different goals, we can only expect to win and the Red and White striker knows it.

“The match against Latina is a very important match for the fans, and I know what it means for Barry – confirms Antenucci – but we now have another season and that means for us to score three more points at home.”

The striker also spends a few words about his stats in the red and white jersey, 44 goals that make him among the most productive players in these colors ever. “A reason to be proud for me, you become a part, at least statistically, of the club’s history and in Bari I am very good – says Antenucci – but I am here for a very specific reason (the promotion) we have that is not currently achieved and that for me is more important than the numerical side.”

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The striker also focuses on his friend and teammate Valerio de Cesar, who is currently out due to injury: “We miss Valerio a lot, for us he is an icon and an essential presence in the dressing room, we must try to make up for this absence. Trying to continue winning is the only way to honor him.”

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