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“ADL is bored with football, in the moment of the possible Scudetto he remained silent”

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“His advantages are many, but he has this lack of being individualistic because he has a strong personality.”

memo karatellithe historic signature of the Naples sports press, spoke during the broadcast of “Radio Target”, which was broadcast on Kiss Kiss Naples: “Naples had a moment that I don’t know how to explain. For the star pairing, he found himself fighting for the Scudetto, but when he had to give so much, there was a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the boss, who was silent, and in the players. In the climax you saw Naples cold you could be wrong but you have to give your soul. It is not true that De Laurentiis does not want to win the Scudetto, he would like to do so to be on par with Ferlaino. You can also put down the soul and not win, but if you hide it then … I was really terrible. We won the first amazing Scudetto because the eternal football player fell to the ground, and the second we won thanks to Ferlaino’s connections in the federation and in the refereeing world.

Character in Maldini in Naples? Aurelio is the main father and does not want shadows by his side. His advantages are many, but he has this lack of being individual because he has a strong personality. I too was amazed at Achilles Lauro, who was clueless but had a great personality. I have the impression that the president is bored with football, he is from the world of cinema and in my opinion he is not attracted to the world of football. Maybe that’s why he was silent at the moment of the possible shooting and scudetto“.

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