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An exceptional victory for the Napoli team! – OA Sport

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22.58 Thanks for following us and see you on our next live stream!

22.56 here report cards:

ajax (4-2-3-1): Pasphere 4.5; Rensch 4 (84′ Baas sv), Timber 4, Bassey 4, Blind 4.5; Alvarez 4.5, Taylor 5; Berghuis 5 (71′ Brobbey 5), Tadic 4, Bergwijn 4 (71 Klaassen 5); Kudos 6. Schroeder’s flocks 4.

Naples (4-3-3): Merritt 6; Di Lorenzo 8 (84 Zanoli sv), Rahmani 6.5, Kim 6, Oliveira 7; Anguissa 7.5, Lobotka 7 (79′ Gaetano sv), Zielinski 7.5 (46′ Ndombele 7); Lozano 6, Raspadori 8 (65′ Simeone 7), Kvaratskhelia 7.5 (65′ Elmas 6). Spalletti flocks 9.

22.51 It seemed as if he started the match poorly, but then Napoli destroyed Ajax in all technical terms, intensity and pessimism. One step up for Naples.

say 91 Ajax Napoli 1-6. dominant victory.

90′ inside is also Grillitsch, Baas Timbers and Rensch at Ajax.

88′ outside Di Lorenzo, inside Zanoli in Naples.

86 Gooooooooooooooool, Simeone, help from Ndombele who stunned Simeone’s defense, Ajax Napoli 1-6.

84′ outside Lobotka, inside Gaetano in Naples.

82′ shot at the bottom of Lozano.

80 Di Lorenzo test, Psphere para.

say 78

76′ kicked Tadic For a double yellow card. Ajax in ten.

74′ outside Taylor and Burgess, inside Proby and Klassen in Ajax.

72′ Lozano from an outside location pulls very poorly.

70 Psphere miracle on Rahmani after a corner kick.

68. Kudos on the fly sends it.

66′ inside Simeone and the Diamonds, outside Kvaratskellia and Raspadori in Naples.

64 instant changes to Spaity.

62 Gooooooooooool, Kvaratskhelia, the Georgian also signs his goal with a nice circular shot, Ajax Napoli 1-5.

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60′ Napoli who now has the ball.

58 Ajax tries again, wards very high.

56 Burgess sends out a good central location.

54 Ajax who is now completely throwing himself forward.

52 Napoli, who continues his offensive pressure.

50′ Gooooooooooooool, Raspadori, Anguissa for Raspadori perforating the first column with the plate, Ajax 1-4 Napoli.

48′ outside Zielinski, inside the Ndombele in Naples.

46′ The second half begins!

21.52 An amazing first half from Napoli after Kudus’ goal came out with technology and team play.

See you soon in the second half!

say 46 Ajax Napoli 1-3.

45 Gooooooooooool, Zielinski, an amazing counterattack with Zielinski who was not mistaken for Pasveer, Ajax Napoli 1-3.

43 Lozano is too tall for a Raspadori.

41 Napoli wants the third goal.

39′ Anguisa from a prime position sends high over the bar.

37′ Ajax who shows many defensive frontiers once the tunes are lowered.

say 35 to LorenzoKvaratskhelia de Lorenzo who with his head finds time to score, Ajax 1-2 Napoli.

33′ Kvaratskhelia misses the shot from an excellent central position.

31′ Yellow Timber in Kvaratskhelia.

29′ Pasveer repels an attempt from Kvaratskhelia from a short distance.

27′ Kvaratskhelia from distance, very weak shot.

25′ Spalletti urges his players to move on.

23′ Yellow for Raspadori, do it in midfield.

21′ amazing match, very loud rhythms in this first half.

19, Gooooooooool, Raspadori, on top of the distant Raspadori is not wrong, Ajax Napoli 1-1.

17 ‘Kvaratskhelia around him does not find the door.

15 Naples which is now lifting the center of gravity.

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13 ‘Napoli was surprised by the rhythm set by the Dutch team.

11′ goal, kudos, lucky goal swerve after Taylor shot, Ajax vs Napoli 1-0.

9, Naples is experiencing bottom-up construction.

7 ′ from a distance Alvarez sends the ball to the curve with his right.

5′ Raspaduri immediately approaches the first post with his right.

3′ Ajax who wants to give a very high pace to the match.

1, the game begins!

20.57 UEFA Champions League anthem in progress.

20.55 Players take to the field.

20.50 Players enter the field in five minutes.

20.45 Players return to the dressing room after warming up.

20.40 Napoli can play a good part of qualifying if they win, and they will be the only ones with 9 points.

20.35 Tadic is still goalless this season but with 6 assists under his belt.

20.30 Set the start of the match at 21.

20.25 Kvaratskhelia has already increased its value, and is considered one of the strongest outsiders in perspective.

20.20 Kudus is one of the best young guys. 7 goals in 11 matches this season in all competitions.

20.15 Anguisa is experiencing an extraordinary moment, coming from her first league double.

20.10 Spalletti chooses Oliveira as a left-back, while in attack, Rasbadori wins his vote with Simeone.

20.05 here formations officers:

Naples (4-3-3) Merritt; DiLorenzo, Rahmani; Kim, Oliveira; Anguise, Lobotka, Zelensky; Lozano, Raspaduri, Kvaratskhelia. Spalletti flocks.

ajax (4-2-3-1) Psphere; wrinch, timber, bassie, blind; Alvarez, Taylor; Burgess, Tadic, Bergwijn; Glory. Schroeder’s flocks

20.03 Good evening and welcome to the Ajax Napoli Champions League live.

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Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of Ajax Napoli, Champions League, Spalletti wants a third win.

Ajax reaches the challenge with three points in the standings. Coach Schroeder is likely to take the field with Pasfer in goal, right back Rench while on the left blind. Timber and Bassi power plants. Midfield with Burgess, midfield Alvarez and Taylor. In front of me TadicAnd the Glory and Borgwen.

The Naples Spalletti, after two wins, is in the best position in the standings with six points. In the net, Meret, Di Lorenzo, right-back, while on the left, Mario Rui. Central Defense Kim and Rahmani. Mediana with Anguissa in an unusual form, director Lobotka and mezzala Zelensky. Wing Lozano and the usual KvaratskheliaSimone’s advice.

match: Ajax Napoli
Event: Champions League
Date: 04/10/2022
hours: 21.00
where is she see her: Sky, Mediaset Infinity, NOW, Sky Go
platform: Amsterdam Arena.

Possible line-ups Ajax Napoli

ajax (4-3-3): Easter; wrinch, timber, bassie, blind; Burgess, Alvarez, Taylor; Tadic, Kudus, Bergwijn. Schroeder herds.
Naples (4-3-3): Merritt; DiLorenzo, Rahmani; Kim, Mario Roy; Anguise, Lobotka, Zelensky; Lozano, Simeone, Kvaratskellia. Spalletti flocks.

OA Sport brings you live streaming from Ajax-NapoliAnd the Champions League: Real-time news and constant updates. Departure at 21:00. Good fun!

Photo: La Presse.

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