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“Mediterranean” Football Team Nursery: The “Golden Jerashat” victory march in the Junior Championship

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The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to photojournalist Jose Luis Ledesma
The Argentine player will soon be in Naples to present a book about Maradona
Yesterday evening, the football team “Scricchioli d'oro”, defeating the team “Avanti Tutta Gr Bianco” with a score of 10 to 2, continued its victorious run in the junior championship, the president of the Mediterranean national team, Vincenzo. Lipari presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to photojournalist Jose Luis Ledesma.
Returning to the emerging team of “Scricchioli d'oro”, the president of the Mediterranean national team, Vincenzo Lipari, reported that “it is a 360 degree growth, with the sports department in particular that currently sees its football school as its school.” . the hero of the story. The time we spend with these emerging players is wonderful – continues Lipari – precisely because of their liveliness and constant demand for affection and communication that the boys express to us daily. “We deal with the problems of their age as well as the joy of the small progress that has been made on and off the field.”
“Our approach is, in fact, mainly dedicated to these new generations of athletes as well as their families – concludes President Vincenzo Lipari -. We are therefore happy with the results achieved on the field thanks to the silent work done by all the employees towards them. Even off the field.”
Meanwhile, the process of building the first team that will participate in the “Great Heart Match” scheduled in Rome next April continues, which will include, at international level, former top players from all over the world.
(In the photo, members of the “Scricchioli d'Oro” formation. In the top center, photojournalist José Luis Ledesma with his Lifetime Achievement Award scroll. To his left is the president of the Mediterranean national team, Vincenzo Lipari)

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