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Among the guests are Tamai, Melini, Cicchetti, Casalboni and Castellani •

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there Episode thirty-three For the 2023/2024 season Football.Basketball,historic broadcast of Ikaro TV (Channel 18) Dedicated to football and basketball in Romania direct Every Monday evening of the tournament.

there part One The broadcast is intended for the first, second and third categories. Studio guests: Regional delegate of the Italian Football Federation in Rimini, Sergio Franco– Bellaria Igea Marina striker Mattia Newspapersroncofredo coach, Federico FreschiSports Director and Real Madrid defender Murciano, David BartolomeiReal Murciano defender Federico CioffiJunior coach and director of Promosport Rimini. Emmanuel Macari.

Football.Basket on May 6, 2024 – Football Evening Part 1

there Part two Dedicated broadcast of Serie D, Eccellenza and Promotion tournaments. Studio guests: Sports Director of Samoris Calcio Club, Pietro Tamai– Vis Novafiltria striker Marco CasalboniMidfielder for Vis Novafiltria David CastellaniPresident of Sampirana Calcio Club. Oberdan MeliniCaptain Stella Remini, Luca Cicchetti. Journalist/Writer: Giuseppe Del Bianco.

Football.Basket on May 6, 2024 – Football Evening, Part Two

there the third part Transmission, intended for Rimini Calcio. A Rimini fan and businessman will be a guest in the studio Lucio Pisani. Journalists/opinion holders: Donatella Filippi And David “Bio” Baeta.

Football.Basket on May 6, 2024 – Football Evening, Part Three

there part Four from transmission, Basketball eveningintended for Riviera Banca Basket Rimini. Commentator in the studio Maurizio Bennati And the journalist David Timpani.

Football.Basket on May 6, 2024 – Basketball Evening

It was carried out during the evening Live links From Bala Sojourner From my reti with Stefano ZavalliPress Officer of RBR Race 2 From the quarter-finals between Real Sebastiani Rieti And Riviera Banca Basket Rimini.

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He’s driving Roberto Bonfantiniwith participation Marika Indelicato.

Transmission is visible He livesAnd also on Ikaro TV (Channel 18), flow on And on the page Facebook Icaro Sport.

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