June 8, 2023

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American revelation: Russia has funded parties in more than 20 countries

Since 2014, Russia has funded political parties and candidates in more than 20 countries with $300 million to increase its influence. Say it’s an American intelligence report. A senior Washington official said the United States “believes these are underestimates and that Russia may have secretly spent more untraceable money.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blinken He cited intelligence sources in a letter he sent to US embassies and consulates, many of which are located in Europe, Africa and South Asia. No names or countries are mentioned but the department will surely be able to provide them soon. Sources in the department say that the figure of 300 million is considered the least. The transfer of funds will be more comprehensive.

This is declassified information from a US intelligence report – categorized as “sensitive” and not intended for a foreign audience – which contains a series of talking points that US diplomats have tasked with teasing with host governments about alleged Russian interference.

Many of President Joe Biden’s top national security officials have experience fighting Moscow and served in government when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a sweeping campaign to influence the 2016 and 2020 US presidential elections.

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