September 30, 2023

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Could the Marvel Cinematic Universe come to an end? Here’s producer Nate Moore’s answer Cinema

Could the Marvel Cinematic Universe come to an end?  Here’s producer Nate Moore’s answer  Cinema

Born in the spring of 2008 with the first Iron Man Directed by Jon Favreau and plays it Robert Downey JrThe Marvel Cinematic Universe Within a few years, he had established himself as the absolute ruler of the box office, the one who was able to launch the trend of universes – and multiverses – that he also shared on the big screen – and now also on the small screen.

Currently, we know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe She has several projects scheduled to arrive in the coming years that, between cinema and Disney Plus, will help articulate and tell the story of Phase 5 and Phase 6.

But the question some people have been asking themselves for some time, perhaps also anticipating a physiological phase of fatigue, is Could the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever end?. This issue has been addressed before Nate MooreVice President of Production and Development, Marvel Studios Citythe podcast by famed scoop Matthew Belloni.

I think we can go on for a long time. I think we should continue to… Well, what we shouldn’t do is rest on our laurels. We can’t believe we have all the answers. We have to keep pushing ourselves as a species and the areas we intend to explore. Marvel movies for me “Simply” Movie. Our stuff… what makes me ask is this “Will there always be movies based on books?”. I really think so.

Then he comments on the cyclical fortunes of film genres such as Westerns and musicals, adding:

They come back. It’s like a cycle, don’t you think? Things tend to come back. I think we can go on for a while. One of the great things about working with Disney Plus is that it’s given us a way to tell stories that we didn’t think we could do in theaters. But now we have this other channel. Also because we don’t want to make ten films a year, it wouldn’t be a productive move. Take Moon Knight, for example. We talked about it for a long time, but we couldn’t quite put it on our to-do list because there was always too much stuff already. And then we ended up working with this platform that allowed us to tell six hours of a good Moon Knight story that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. And there are a lot of characters that we haven’t talked about yet. So yeah, I think we could go on for a long time, and I’m not saying forever because that’s a pretty big amount of time. We certainly don’t think we’re finally running.

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source: City Podcast via Apple