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American actor Baker Hall dies at the age of 90: his daughter’s announcement

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American actor Baker Hall has died at the age of 90

After a period lived under the banner of uncertainty and difficulties related to the pandemic, with the inevitable restrictions to contain the spread of Covid-19, the world of cinema has gradually returned for several months, savoring that “normality” that had previously become a distant memory: in fact, capacity has returned to 100% and in the next few months the entire sector is hoping to experience the much-needed restart. About the world of entertainment – as reported by “” – the cinema mourns the death of American actor Philip Baker Hall, a character actor known for starring in successful films such as “Boogie Nights”, “The Truman Show” and “Magnolia” and “Mr.Ripley’s Talent” and “Dogville” Beautiful Drama, Suddenly Died: The dramatic news of the past few hours

His daughter’s announcement for The Hollywood Reporter

The world of cinema is therefore mourning the disappearance of Philip Baker, who died at the age of 90. To announce his death – as reported by “” – his daughter Anna told The Hollywood Reporter. Baker Hall was one of Paul Thomas Anderson’s favorite actors who directed him in several films. Over the course of his long career, the American actor has made over 100 television appearances. Among the most attractive characters played in recent times, one cannot fail to mention Walt Klizak, the neighbor who befriends Luke Dunphy (Nolan Gould) in the series “Modern Family”.

He also starred in 100 films

Moreover, during his career – as reported by “” – Philip Baker-Hall has also translated a hundred films. We remember his brilliant portrayal of Richard Nixon in the hit comedy “Secret Honor”. Among the other films in which he played a role, we can mention “The Truman Show (1998),” The Insider – Behind the Truth (1999), “The Price of Freedom” (1999), “Psycho” (1999), “Dogville” (2003) and Amityville Horror (2005).

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