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AMD reveals new details on FSR 3, aiming for double the frames per second and streamlined integration

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AMD shares new details about Fidelity FX 3 (FSR 3) During the GDC 2023 session, which will be available during the year, with the aim of Poor performance From the previous version and making technology Easier to integrate in games.

In fact, FSR 3 is still in development and during the Game Developers Conference panel not all answers regarding this new iteration of the upgrade technology arrived. However, AMD has reiterated that it aims to deliver smoother gaming experiences, and it promises to do so Twice the fps rate compared to FSR 2, enhancement is possible thanks to a higher number of pixels created through distorted frames. Also, the company is currently working on reducing the response time even further.

FSR 3, a slide shown at GDC 2023

AMD has said it wants to make the upgrade path to the new technology as painless as possible, promising that it will be easy to integrate for games that already support FSR 2. It also confirmed that FSR 3 will be available to all developers under license. open source MIT to provide optimal integration and flexibility.

At the moment, FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 is scheduled to be released for an indefinite period 2023 With AMD revealing more details about it over the next few months.

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