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Ambulance, directed by Michael Bay, is now showing

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Just mention the adrenaline high in Michael’s Bay. His latest film, Ambulance, brings all the tension and action a director can bring to screen, this time in the busy streets of Los Angeles. The movie is on Sky and streaming on NOW.

Who is the hottest director in Hollywood?
That’s right, it is Michael Bay.
His latest work is titled Ambulance It’s an action movie, even if it’s “tiny” by its standards. The interpreters he chooses for the three main parts are the good ones Jake GyllenhaalAnd the Yahya Abdul-Mateen II that we saw recently in Matrix resurrectionand the Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez. The film is a remake of a 2005 Danish film in which two brothers attempt to rob a bank to pay for their sick mother’s medical treatment. The script of this American modification bears a signature Chris Fedak Which takes some liberties to modify the story to make it work in California territory. Even the duration says it all: 80 minutes for the Danish film versus 136 for the one it signed on to bay.

Ambulance: Fast paced action, but with a bigger focus on the characters

Ambulance It takes place over the course of a day on the hot asphalt of the Los Angeles streets.
In the opening minutes we meet veteran Will Sharpe (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) Who is in a desperate situation. He desperately needs money for his wife’s medical treatment. After trying unsuccessfully for luxury, she reluctantly turns to her adoptive brother Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal). The latter has been on the path of crime for years and has great affection for his brother. Instead of helping him financially since he has no money at the moment, he offers to take part in a coup 32 million dollarsor The biggest bank robbery It has not been shown in Los Angeles. With his wife critically ill, Will has no choice and accepts.

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The robbery does not go as planned and the two brothers commandeer an ambulance to try to escape. On board is the experienced paramedic Cam Thompson (Eiza Gonzalez) and wounded a policeman The struggle between life and death. In an endless high-speed chase, Will and Danny must avoid all the cops posted in their path, keep the hostages alive and try not to kill each other. Unlike the usual adrenaline load that Michael Bay Stuffing his films, this time he devotes himself more than usual to the relationships between the characters. Stunning remains the director’s trademark, but the conflicting relationship between the two brothers, which we do not know how it will end given the situation in which it has fallen, is the core of the film.

Watch Ambulance on NOW

Ambulance: A mad series of helicopters has been launched in just two and a half hours

Not initially anticipated by the script, the stunning sequence of the two helicopters chasing the ambulance at the bottom of an artificial river was conceived by Michael Bay Over the course of the weekend, after being informed that these two cars will be available for a few days. However, one afternoon was enough for him to bring home what he had in mind.

In about two and a half hours the shooting of the sequence was completed. bay Asked Gyllenhaal If he is willing to cling to the outside of the ambulance without using the double stunt and the representative answers yes. At that point too Abdul-Mateen He said he would stay behind the wheel himself to drive the car in this reckless shootout, and to get a friend involved, he called to show him the live coverage of the moment over the phone. “The craziest thing I’ve ever done,” the actor later commented, explaining to the casting director what he had done.
below The official ambulance trailer.

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Watch Ambulance on NOW

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