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The new Abarth Pulse 2022-2023, a great SUV for the return of the legendary Scorpion

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Going beyond the limits of sports city cars, Abarth enters the world of cars by right SUV with Pulse. This new model is actually the first car that the Italian manufacturer has launched as part of its return to the Brazilian market. This sporty version of the Italian SUV measures 4,099 meters long, 1,774 meters wide and 1,579 meters high, a look consistent with the look Abarth is accustomed to in the European public. Let’s see specifically:

What to expect from the new Abarth Pulse 2022-2023

We find in Abarth Pulse 2022-2023 the chassis The famous scorpion logo, red inserts that remind of its sporty character, other add-ons in gloss black, black alloy wheels, a spoiler in the upper part of the tailgate and even a chrome-plated double exhaust outlet at the rear. This same reverse side features black Abarth lettering. The Abarth logo appears on the front wings and the Pulse is revealed in gray, attached to a black roof.

Black alloy wheels are defined, as well as the dual exhaust, fenders with air intakes and air intakes with a different design than the parent company’s version. The Abarth logo also stands out on the wheel arches and is intersected by a “three-colored lightning bolt” as a reminder of the SUV’s Italian origins.

Specifications of this new engine Abarth Pulse Currently unknown. The basic Fiat version can be configured with a 1.3 FireFly engine or a 130 HP Turbo 200 Flex engine for a torque of 200 Nm. The block that could be offered on the Abarth Pulse could include a turbocharged engine to improve its performance and stay true to the company’s sporting ethos.

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Both are called Flex because they can be run on ethanol and deliver record speeds. Continuously Variable Automatic CVT. Abarth could adopt a custom version of the turbocharged engine and should have a sporty configuration on its side.

Abarth Pulse 2022-2023: Judgments and Perspectives

We remember that Abarth actually marketed the vehicles in Brazil. In 2002, the first withMathematical iteration of Stiloand then in 2014, with his famous restyling of the Fiat 500. The company is also present in the domestic Formula 4 championship, where individual seats are equipped with engines of its own production.

Abarth Pulse is a rather important car for the Brazilian market. It’s not only the first Abarth SUV sold domestically, but it’s also the first Abarth model sold in the country in years. It has also been developed domestically and will also be produced in Brazil. Previously, the sports sub-brand only sold two models; Abarth Stilo and Abarth 500.

In Europe, the next new Abarth model could be a more powerful version of the new 500 electric. An Abarth derivative for the 500X could also have been envisaged, but since that model is no longer at its peak, this may not necessarily be the way to go.

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