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Amateur football | Gambasy Koli Maritime ends with a storm: What happened

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Sunday 20 February, Gambassi Terme Municipal Stadium (place Nuove case), match Gambasy Koli Maritime Valid for the fourteenth day of C group promotion: The end result sees the two teams split bets 2-2, but the match ends in a storm. Below is me Two press releases Regarding what happened, today the biancobl company posted it on its Facebook page.

Dating according to Colli Marittimi

“We publish the full facts of yesterday’s events, to make our complaints understandable by those who were not present and to encourage those responsible for the accident to correct their mistakes. After all, we cannot talk about Gambasy – Colli Maritime without leaving the scene. Happened in the 70th minute: with Colli at 1- 2, Matta protects a ball on the side, when Oliva shoots Val d’Elsa a few meters back and releases tension by entering with a hammer foot on Matta’s ankle.. Oliva is inevitably ejected, and the group of players collapses, but Matta is still on the ground, screaming from The referee blows the start of the match, but Mata is still crying 20 cm from the field, low under the stands and unable to move, despite the help of the masseur, who will stay with him on the other side of the seats until the ambulance arrives. Oh yeah, The Gambasi municipality ambulance is nonexistent.But one wonders if it can be considered “available”, when Maritime Hills supporters were talking to the masseur through the fence who called her, not a member of the house management or a representative of the stadium. After all, no Saving even a stretcher immediately: He was the team manager of Maritime Hills, Mike Giaco, who had to get it, reached Matta with her in just the 88th minute. In the event of recovery, the ambulance arrives, but cannot enter the stadium, either because the hatch keys used to let her in are not present or because whoever has them is not available or for any other reason. So Mata has to be moved to the stadium parking lot, but since the match is never suspended, the doctors can’t enter the playing area: Mike Giako is the one who takes care of his transfer, initially with our masseur. The risk of carrying two “civilians” on a stretcher with a seriously wounded player was very high, moreover, the stretcher had to stop for several minutes between the door and the flag, because there was nowhere to cross behind the net and the game. She was not stopped immediately, to get her to pass in front. At 93′ Frongillo intervenes, who finally manages to attract the attention of the referee, who after 23 minutes for the first time facilitates Matta’s treatment by stopping the match. With ten from the end Basa Kouassi scored in the final 2-2, but we would like to say that neither his goals nor those of Milan, Rosy and Giudici that preceded him matter in the face of the astonishing neglect we witnessed. You cannot play with a seriously injured player 20 cm from the field of play for 25 minutes, you cannot leave the club and the fans (!) Guests who are responsible for obtaining help. The attitude to this on the part of any representative of the opposing team or the field was careless, to use the most gentle adjectives: their first intervention came in 93, when they received a stretcher from the hands of Frongillo, who could not leave the can game because, let’s repeat, the race was never suspended. Precisely for this reason, we say that even the match three did not seem to have shown much interest in this, despite literally being dead at the assistant referee’s feet for more than twenty minutes, forcing the assistant referee to turn around each time to follow him. line defenders. Gorgeous. However, Oliva’s attitude trumps everyone: the player expelled 15 from Gambasi, after showering and shooting, goes to sit in the stands, while the player who caused his injury is still crying where he left him. But instead of being swayed by a piece of sympathy and realizing that he spoiled at least one season for a colleague (the first tests indicate a fracture of the fibula), he not only apologizes, but continues to argue bitterly. Gorgeous. Ultimately, we sincerely wish this situation would never happen again, because with this state of assistance, playing in the Gambassi Terme Municipal is dangerous, and unfortunately we don’t mean it in a sporting sense.”


“We announce that we spoke with the Presidency of Gambasy Termi who gave us reassurance about the safety procedures of their facilities. The opposition Presidency announces that the problem that prevented the rescue in yesterday’s match was a short circuit between the competition director and the field organization, as we have already mentioned, the competition has never been suspended, Thus outsiders could not enter the field.Directly on Mata from the ticket office, but one on the other side, which sails around the change rooms.Obviously the ambulance could not enter the playing field or the enclosure if the race was not suspended, but still from Obviously, he could enter the facility. As mentioned earlier, Mata was taken by Gambasi manager Terme to the parking lot – after all, Fronjillo himself couldn’t do that, since, again lta, the game was not suspended, and it was The player risks penalty kicks not only to leave the field, but even the elbow. Gambasi also assures us that even his manager on the bench would have called an ambulance, and thus Zacharia was not alone to do so from the Cole Maritime podium. Gambasy’s presidency assures us that we know how to proceed in case The emergency situation, and that responsibility for yesterday’s events can only be found in the short circuit of contact with the match director and in the fact that he did not stop the match. . On our part, we were just looking for that – reassurances about the non-recurrence of yesterday’s events, at least on the part of the opposing team, and therefore, at least from the communications sector of our company, we are happy to resolve the issue. ”

Images and article source: Usd Colli Marittimi Press Office

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