The final season of the Alps has begun, the 2021/22 season. Against current Italian champion Migros Asiago Hockey against HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice. The two teams most credited for the final victory have come to this point, so everything is ready with the first challenge in Odegar, on Saturday, for the top five challenge.

This is the fourth time that the two teams have faced each other in the qualifiers in the Alps, with a 2:1 score in favor of the Giallorossi. Asiago won two series in 2017 and 2021, always in the semi-finals and always for 3:2, while in 2019 the Balkans only won for 4:0 in the quarter-finals.

Thus, the challenge being renewed for a final promises to be quite amazing due to the different game system. “Jesenice is a very continuous formation, playing a lot in choral form and trying over and over the same plays. They don’t give reference points.” These are the words of Giallorossi defender Enrico Miglioranzi regarding the start of the final.Our opponents have a good standing in every department. Sure, Lustenau, which we went through in the semi-finals, has more exclusivity, but the strength of the Balkans is precisely that they can play a very artistic game with any line. Then they also have very experienced players like the Pance-Sotlar duo in attack, or the Finnish duo Elo-Vikila and in defense Planko-Logar.” Asiago comes off a seven-day break. How did it go this week? ” But I didn’t mind that prep break as we recovered a lot of energy and trained well both on and off the snow, and also studied opponents via video. I’m confident about this final but I don’t know how long it will last but I tend to think it won’t be a short streak. Of course it feels a little strange for me to take breaks between shifts. Usually the past years lasted until the bitter end.

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She has competed in all of the previous Alpine Finals. What does it take to get something more? “FIt is essential that you are not affected by a poorly scored goal or a never ending match. We must always look to the end goal and never give up.” Can you restore the previous finals? “nIn the first year we were flatly defeated by Renon 4:1 in the series. We arrived a little tired in the final and that year Renon got into the Scudetto-Alpine match. nothing to say. The second year we won the Transactions championship but Renon managed to give us a tough time. A big challenge week in which young Gilorossi made the difference. Last year Ljubljana were a strong team and we passed without appeal even if two out of three games ended up due to regulations. I think it was the strongest team ever in the Alps six years ago, but that’s my impression.” Can the audience help you too? ” forabsolutely yes. We came here two troubled years ago. Now the audience can be of great help to us and I hope Odegar for the great occasions because the series is going to be really intense and amazing.“During your injury you devoted yourself even more to the Youth Academy.” I am very happy to be able to lend a helping hand to the Asiago Junior 1935 Under 13 Team. A beautiful note of life has strengthened and changed me for the better. On Saturday we have the Coppa Italia U-13 final in the Northeast and it is definitely a good experience.”

Alpine Hockey League | Finals – Race 1 – Top Five
Sat 09.04.2022, 20:30 Migros Asiago Hockey Supermarket – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice
RUETZ, SCHAUER, Eisl, Weiss Referees | PPV – Live Broadcast

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