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Alpine Hockey League, quarter-final determination after the selections of Salzburg, Jesenice and Renon – Fifa

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Alpine Hockey League, quarter-final determination after the selections of Salzburg, Jesenice and Renon – Fifa

In the selection of the Alpine Hockey League, The top three teams in the main round (Salzburg / Jesenice / Renon) chose their opponent in the quarter-finals.

with the first choice, The Red Bull Hockey Juniors have selected the newly promoted Otterland Cavaliers hockey teamwho finished fifth in the Masters Tour.

HDD SIJ will face Acroni Jesenice Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan.

On the other hand, Rittner-Boam took on EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel as their quarter-final opponent.

The fourth seed from the main round, SG Cortina Hafro can only have the only team not selected out of the other three, which are EHC Lustenau, Who grabbed the quarter-final ticket on Saturday by conquering the Zell am See circuit.

Quarter-final pairs will be played best-of-seven.

A very important note for the start of the impending quarterfinals: Game 1 of the Red Bull Hockey Juniors against the Unterland Cavaliers will start tomorrow, Monday, March 6th. The other three series will start in the classic game on Tuesday (March 7th). All quarter-final matches will be played with a regular schedule of home, away, home and away…of the seeded teams.

Alpine Hockey League, quarter-finals:

Red Bull Hockey Juniors (1) – Otterland Cavaliers Hockey (5)

– 06.03. in Salzburg
– 09.03 in Newmarket
– 11.03. in Salzburg
– 14.03. in Igna
– 16.03. in Salzburg *
– 18.03. in Newmarket *
– 21.03. in Salzburg *

HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice (2) – Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan (QR A2)

– 07.03. in Jesenice
– 09.03 in Vipiteno
– 11.03. in Jesenice
– 14.03. in Sterzing
– 16.03. in Jesenice*
– 18.03. in Sterzing *
– 21.03. in Jesenice*

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Rittner Boam (3) – CE Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel (QR B1)

– 07.03. in Collabo
– 09.03 in Kitzbühel
– 11.03. in Collabo
– 14.03. in Kitzbühel
– 16.03. in Collabo*
– 18.03. in Kitzbühel *
– 21.03. in Collabo*

SG Cortina Hafro (4) – EHC Lustenau (QR B3)

– 07.03. in Cortina
– 09.03 in Lustenau
– 11.03. in Cortina
– 14.03. in Lustenau
– 16.03. in Cortina *
– 18.03. in Lustenau *
– 21.03. in Cortina *

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