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Alpine Hockey League, Asiago and Cortina in the first match point of the quarter-finals. Gherdeina is trying to reopen the series in Slovenia – FISG

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Alpine Hockey League, Asiago and Cortina in the first match point of the quarter-finals.  Gherdeina is trying to reopen the series in Slovenia – FISG

The Alpine Hockey League quarter-finals, season 2021/22, continue unabated. After Thursday’s games, some teams are forced to win in order to continue the championship and not finish the post-season prematurely. In this group of teams, there is Gherdina who also lost race 2 after a long marathon That ended only after 96 minutes of play. Striker Michael Solomon Pilser examines what happened at the Branives: “WLIt’s a pity what we showed on the ice. We just lacked victory. But we have shown that we are on par with our competitors. “ So, even with your back to the wall, you really want to fight. ” absolutely yes. We know it’s very tough in their house because Jesenice is terribly strong on the ice. But now we have set ourselves a goal. We want to win at least one game in this series and then bring the quarter-finals back home in Game 4. It will be a great gift for the club and for the fans who have always supported us.”

Asiago beat Weptall again on Thursday, this time in Alta Val d’Isarco and therefore wants to close the competition on Saturday on the Odegar. number.We speak with long-time defender Lorenzo Cassetti. “Let’s say that in both matches Vepitino is defeated the second and third time. Our chances go up exponentially as the match progresses while the Broncos’ chances fade into the distance. We were able to create a lot of intensity and then hold our ground until the end. Our opponents took advantage of the first half of the first race. Where we were a bit stuck due to the long idle.” Now play at home again. ” Yes, the races that can eliminate an opponent are among the most difficult because the Broncos will do everything to avoid ending the current season. So we have to have a lot of patience and respect, but we have shown our potential and we want to continue to do so. All the teams put a lot of energy against us because we are definitely the team to beat. If we are aware and respond as we know how to do. We want to finish the streak as soon as possible but we must not delude ourselves that a 2:0 win is automatically a third win.”

Wiptel striker Tobias Kofler realizes the difficult task awaits the Broncos in the third game of the quarter-finals. “Asiago has a lot of quality and quantity. We fought once in the first game and almost two in the second. Now we have to play a full match if we want to extend the season. We have to do our best and in all situations of the game that will test us and that our opponents know how to use to their advantage. I would like to come back. To Vepitino for race 4 and that’s why we’re not giving up.”

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Renon finds himself down 0:2 in the quarter-final series against surprising Cortina. On Saturday, the Buams are forced to win in order not to be eliminated. “Absolute calm. No need to rush to win. We will further complicate our test.So coach Santeri Heskanen He tries to instill confidence in his group with a Race 3 light that promises to be blue and red inside or out. “I’m sure Renon will play again next week. She has all the qualities to do a good job. You don’t have to change anything. I just want the squad to be able to focus on defending and score one more goal than the opponent. I am very optimistic because I know the group and the goals it can achieve and applying more pressure is not going to help.”

Cortina is one step away from returning to the semi-finals but the streak against Renon isn’t over yet… In fact, as striker Riccardo Lacelli responded:A very difficult game awaits us. We don’t have anything on hand yet. We need to focus on ourselves and be very careful. Definitely put pressure on them. We have to repeat the good things we did in the previous two races.” You came just in time for these Alpine Qualifiers encounters: “There is no doubt that we have achieved significant growth in recent weeks. Even compared to the Scudetto Week period in February, there was a huge leap forward. If the pre-match streak with Lenz was a bit shallow, facing Boam led us to be more focused, knowing our potential and above all being consistent. At the same time, we got away with a lot more mistakes than we did in other parts of the season. Renon, however, is a formation of great stature but we really have to ride the wave and not miss the next appointment.”

Alpine Hockey League | 19.03.2022:
Race 3 Quarter-finals:
Saturday, 19.03.2022, 18:00: HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice – HC Gherdeina
Referees: HUBER A., Schauer, Puff, Snoj.
Jesenice 2: 0 advances in the series

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Saturday, 03.19.2022, 7.00 pm: EHC Lustenau – EK Die Zeller Eisbären
Referees: HLAVATY, RUETZ, Eisl, Weiss. | >>PPV-LIVESTREAM <
Quarter-finals series tied 1: 1

Saturday, 19.03.2022, 20:00: Ritner Boam – SG Cortina Havero
Referees: BAJT, MOSCHEN, Arlic, De Zordo. | >>PPV-LIVESTREAM <
Cortina leads the quarter-final series with a 2:0

Saturday, 19.03.2022, 20:30: Migros Asiago Hockey Market – Webtal Broncos Winstefan
Referees: Lazeri, Verta, Cristilli, Mantovani. | >>PPV-LIVESTREAM <
Asiago leads in the quarter-finals Series 2: 0

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